D9:CBD Hard Candy: Review

D9Cbd Hard Candy Review

Harbor City Hemp is proud to announce an exciting addition to its edibles line, D9:CBD Hard Candy. Using only the finest food ingredients and natural high-quality CBD and Delta-9 THC, this one-of-a-kind edible packs a punch in every bite!

Whether you’re a newbie at the wonderland of cannabis products looking for a smooth and fun experience or simply need a discreet and convenient way to enjoy the benefits of CBD, our D9:CBD Hard Candy is the way to go. 

We have formulated this product with a perfect balance of CBD and THC content to deliver the ultimate experience without the potential side effects of traditional cannabis products.

So sit back, relax, and join us as we dig deep into the features of this heavenly treat, and explore the reasons beyond its exceeding popularity. We’ll also discuss its benefits and side effects, and why it’s a good addition to your life!

Description & Features 

Since the legalization of hemp-derived products in 2018, the U.S. cannabis market has boomed, offering its followers a world of variety. Today, cannabis enthusiasts can find their favorite strains in many forms and tastes, adding a touch of adventure to the experience.

One such product that has become the powerhouse of CBD and THC products is D9:CBD Hard Candy. Each pack of this edible contains 9 different flavors, ensuring everyone can have their favorites. 

Moreover, the bottle contains 75 candies, so you can rest easy knowing you won’t run out of them any time soon. This also makes it a great option for events and get-togethers, allowing you to share this amazing experience with your loved ones. 

The candies are packed with a precise dose of 4mg cannabinoids a piece(2mg CBD and 2mg THC), offering the perfect combination of these compounds. This feature especially benefits medicinal users who need to control and maintain their dosing without any guesswork.

But the standout feature of D9:CBD Hard Candy is its one-of-a-kind innovative formula. This edible packs tastiness, health, and fun in one single bite. 

CBD offers various therapeutic effects such as reducing anxiety, managing chronic pain, improving sleep, and more. And while CBD is helping you feel better, THC takes your body and mind into a relaxing and uplifting state that helps boost mood and creativity.

But that’s not all! D9:CBD Hard Candy is small and looks just like any normal candy, making them a perfect choice for those who enjoy taking their daily dose of CBD on the go. Have a discreet candy at work, while running your errands, or as a pre-workout – the possibilities are endless!

Benefits and Side Effects

D9:CBD Hard Candy is everything you could ever want from a supplement. Not only do they satisfy your sugar craving, but they also provide a range of benefits for your overall well-being. 

Today, everyone’s well familiar with the benefits of CBD. Many studies have been done on its potential effects, and the results have been promising. From enhancing appetite, and increasing libido, to improving sleep quality, and managing stress, this cannabinoid has become the new trend in the cannabis market.

However, multiple studies suggest that cannabinoids deliver better results when used together. This means a combination of Delta-9 THC and CBD can be more effective for your conditions.

On top of that, Delta-9 is the prominent component responsible for the psychoactive effects of cannabis. Thus, having a few CBD: D9 Hard Candies not only improves your health, but helps you feel more energetic, happy, and inspired.

Another significant benefit of D9:CBD Hard Candy is its convenience. Whether you like having your daily dose of cannabinoids while relaxing and watching tv, or you want to spice up your date, these candies are easy to incorporate into your daily life.

All that said, like any other cannabis product available, D9:CBD Hard Candy can cause mild to serious side effects. It’s important to note that THC produces more potent effects than CBD alone. Thus you should always consume these candies responsibly and never exceed your tolerance level.

The common side effects associated with D9:CBD Hard Candy include dizziness, sleepiness, hallucination, fatigue, dry mouth, and increased heart rate. If this is your first time trying cannabis edibles, we recommend starting with one candy, tracking how you feel, and then adjusting your dosage accordingly. 

That said, remember that the side effects are temporary, and disappear as soon as the psychoactive effects. So in case of any negative reactions, try to stay calm, stay hydrated, and call a friend.

Customer Review

Whether it’s a hard candy infused with cannabis extracts or the normal treats from the supermarket these tasty snacks are popular among customers. And D9:CBD Hard Candy is no different. 

Since their release, these edibles have been one of the most sought-after products on our website. Our customers keep raving about its heavenly taste and fun experience. 

Tasty and effective

Shared with a few friends and we all enjoyed it! A good dosage, not too sedating


Great quality! Will definitely be ordering again!

I ordered quite a few things for the 4/20 sale. Loving the gummies so far, the D9:CBD hard candies are great and will be trying the distillate sometime this week. Going to be putting in another order soon!

Wayne L


These little bad boys are great any time of day. Really has a nice calming effect that helps with a stressful day or just unwinding the end day. Thanks, HCH great product!


Love these!

So convenient, just the kind of thing I was looking for. I’ll take a few in a day and find it makes a big difference for me. Love this product!


Final Thoughts

Not everything that is good for us has to taste bad and D9:CBD Hard Candy is a great example of how you can enjoy a sweet snack while still repeating the benefits of CBD. These delicious and flavorful edibles are formulated with premium hemp-derived CBD and Delta-9 to provide a truly memorable experience. 

Have a bite and you’ll never want to have any other cannabis products. With high-quality ingredients, great flavors, convenience in use, and precise dosing, D9:CBD Hard Candy is everything a cannabis enthusiast can ever dream of.

Buy D9:CBD Hard Candy at Harbor City Hemp

At Harbor City Hemp, we take great pride in providing our valued customers with high-quality products at reasonable prices. We work closely with experienced cannabis cultivators across the country, known for their premium hemp plants.

Additionally, we test each batch of product in an independent lab, ensuring you’ll receive a safe, efficient, and potent product. So rest easy knowing our products are second to none.

And the best part is we offer up to 30 percent discount on all our products for eligible groups including vets, individuals with long-term disabilities, and low-income. For more information, check out Harbor City Hmp Discount Programs.

Enjoy the delicious flavor of your favorite hard candy as it guides you to one of the most amazing adventures of your life!

Other CBD Products

CBD, short for Cannabidiol, is a prominent cannabinoid found in cannabis. However, unlike THC, the other abundant cannabinoid, CBD is not intoxicating. Meaning it doesn’t cause the so-called “high”.

In the past few years, this chemical compound has become exceedingly popular due to its various benefits. Today, consumers can find a variety of CBD products, made to answer all needs and preferences.

At Harbor City Hemp, we offer some of the best CBD products available on the market. From dark chocolate bars and gummies to tinctures and cartridges, here you can find everything you want. Check out CBD products on our website, or read on to learn more.

  • D9:CBD Milk Chocolate Minis 30mg

Everyone loves a bar of tasty milk chocolate to sweeten up their day, but did you know that could further improve your experience with our D9:CBD Milk Chocolate Minis 30mg? That’s right! Your favorite milk chocolate now comes with the amazing effects of cannabis.

These mini chocolate bars are packed with 15mg of CBD and 15mg of Delta-9 THC to add a smooth and milky flavor to your psychoactive journey. You can purchase this product in packs of 1,3, 5, 10, and 25. But since they’re not so easy to resist, we recommend going for 25, just in case.

That said, note that edibles take longer to kick in compared to other methods of consumption. Thus, be careful with your dosing and avoid overconsumption – although, we know it’s going to be difficult!

One of the great benefits of using these edibles is their discretion. With D9:CBD Milk Chocolate Minis, you can enjoy your daily dose of cannabinoids without attracting any unwanted attention!

So waste no more time, add these chocolate minis to your cart, and place your order. Soon you’ll be laying on the couch, enjoying the relaxing sensation of THC and CBD.

  • D9:CBD Dark Chocolate Minis 30mg

Looking for guilt-free dark chocolate to satisfy your sweet tooth? Look no further than Harbor City Hemp D9:CBD Dark Chocolate Minis 30mg! These high-quality chocolates are a beneficial and tasty addition to your routine!

Using only the finest, organic, and premium-grade ingredients, these dark chocolate bars are a great way to enjoy the relaxing and soothing properties of CBD.

According to studies, CBD binds to CB1 and CB2 receptors in the body’s regulatory system and helps improve your health. This includes reducing anxiety, alleviating chronic pain, and promoting better sleep to name a few.

D9:CBD Dark Chocolate Minis 30mg is also a perfect option for those looking for a convenient way to enjoy the benefits of CBD and Delta-9. Thanks to their small and portable size, you can slip them into your pocket, and enjoy them on the go.

So why wait? Try them today, and experience the benefits of cannabis in a delicious way!

  • D9:CBD Cookies & Cream Minis 30mg

Indulge in the amazing taste of cookies and cream blended with high-quality chocolate while getting your daily dose of cannabinoids. D9:CBD Cookies & Cream Minis 30mg is everything you want from a chocolate bar and more.

Whether you’re looking for a hint of inspiration for your next project or simply want to blow off steam, our D9:CBD Cookies & Cream Minis are the answer.

With our commitment to quality, rest assured knowing these edibles are one of the best you’ll ever have. Made with premium ingredients and expertly crafted to perfection, this product offers a rich and delicious flavor that makes you keep coming back for more. 

Each chocolate bar contains 15mg of CBD and 15mg of Delta-9, which can deliver quite potent effects, especially for beginners. Thus, it’s best to start with the recommended dosage, 1/2 piece, see how your body responds, and then you may increase or maintain accordingly.

Buy D9:CBD Cookies & Cream Minis today, and enjoy the best of both worlds!

  • D9:D8:CBD Gummies

Looking for the ultimate edible to level up your cannabis experience? Look no further than our top-notch D9:D8:CBD Gummies! These super tasty gummies are infused with 100 percent natural CBD, Delta-9, and Delta-8.

Thanks to the combination of these three potent cannabinoids, now you can enjoy the perfect cannabis experience. Delta-9 and Delta-8 offer a smooth and uplifting high, while CBD works to relax your mind and body.

Made to satisfy all preferences, these gummies come in three different flavors, including Strawberry Lemonade, Orange Cream, and Cherry Limeade. Our gummies are a great option for your gatherings. Share them with your treasured friends, and create an unforgettable memory together. 

One of the great features of D9:D8:CBD Gummies is its precise dosing. This makes it a convenient option for those who need to keep track of their intake. 

All said, note that THC and CBD can interact with medications, and cause serious negative reactions. Therefore, make sure to consult a healthcare professional before use to avoid any unwanted side effects.

  • D9:CBD Almond Toffee 30mg (4 Pack)

Incorporate the benefits of CBD into your life while enjoying your favorite snack.  Harbor City Hemp D9:CBD Almond Toffee 30mg (4 Pack) is the perfect blend of rich buttery toffee, crunchy almonds, and high-quality Delta-9 and CBD.

Whether you need something to support your muscle recovery, improve your sleep quality, or simply feel better, this edible is an absolute go-to. 

But what really sets D9:CBD Almond Toffee 30mg (4 Pack) apart from other edibles is their unique taste and texture. Using the finest ingredients, these tasty toffees provide a rich buttery taste that is sure to satisfy your taste buds.

And if you prefer to enjoy your cannabis experience outdoors, these edibles are the perfect solution. They’re small, don’t melt easily, and look just like normal toffee. Keep them in your bag, and have them whenever and wherever you like!

  • D9:CBD Peanut Butter Nuggets 30mg

Indulge in the ultimate combination of chocolate and peanut butter, enhanced with the therapeutic benefits of CBD and Delta-9. D9:CBD Peanut Butter Nuggets 30mg is your favorite Reeses chocolate, but better!

For anyone looking to experience the benefits of cannabinoids while treating themselves to premium chocolate, this product is a must-try. Each nugget is made using the best food ingredients, offering a smooth and delightful taste that satisfies even the most refined palates. 

But our D9:CBD Peanut Butter Nuggets are more than just taste. Infused with natural, hemp-derived cannabinoids, this edible provides a wide range of therapeutic benefits such as reducing stress and depression, managing chronic pain and inflammation,  improving skin condition, and more. 

And if you’re looking for a mild high to help you catch up with your deadlines, D9:CBD Peanut Butter Nuggets include just the right amount of Delta-9 THC. The nuggets contain 15mg of Delta-9, which is enough to offer an uplifting high without the potential side effects.

So whether you enjoy the nutty taste of peanut butter, love all things chocolate, or simply look for ways to improve your health, these nuggets are the answer. So get your D9:CBD Peanut Butter Nuggets 30mg today, and treat yourself to a delicious taste and a unique experience.

  • THC-Free CBD Tincture 1500mg

Step into the amazing world of CBD products with our high-quality THC-Free CBD Tincture 1500mg. This premium extract is formulated specifically for medical users who seek a non-psychoactive alternative to traditional cannabis products.

What sets THC-Free CBD Tincture 1500mg apart from the competition is its amazing versatility. Use it topically, add it to your drinks, or simply take it sublingually. Additionally, this CBD tincture is unflavoured, so you can add it to any food and beverage without worrying about ruining its taste.

With 50mg of CBD at each drop, THC-Free CBD Tincture is a potent option for anyone who seeks quick relief. This, however, can lead to potential side effects such as dry mouth, fatigue, and drowsiness when used in high doses. Thus, use responsibly, and never exceed your tolerance level.

Moreover, it’s essential to note that CBD can cause negative reactions when used with certain types of pharmaceutical drugs such as antidepressants. So to achieve the best results, and avoid any accidents, make sure to talk to your doctor before usage.

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