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Great product, Great price

I found this website very up top when i searched it and i did not expect it to be legit, I did some research and it had a scored of 89 so I tried it even with the low price point, I now have my product for a great price. The Yocan Uni Pro it's self is a great product with voltage, 15 second blinkers and a screw on atomizer.

Great carts

Smooth and effective. These are my go to for such a great cost.

Haven’t used them yet

I way over ordered and have not even use the disposable yet

Brush set

Works well- very handy

Good experience

I got my order quick and it hits harder then the carts I got else where.


These products just get better and better. The THCp cart was smooth and had a nice calming feeling. I have a very high tolerance but these get the job done.

CBN:D8 Tincture 1500mg

Aio coil

These coils work great

Sooo good!

I really enjoy their chocolate. While I do prefer the dark chocolate, the milk chocolate is top tier, as well. I received mine as a free gift and it gave me the confidence and trust I needed in order to place an order to try their peanut butter cups. 100% will buy again

Great quality!

Got the isolate sampler with some d8 disty. Great quality and effects! Will definitely be trying some of the other products.

very pleased

Glad HCH have these in stock. Cant wait for more flavors!

Really good! Already buying again!

This stuff is really good and works really well, along with being super convenient and tasty! It mixes well in drinks, or you can just use it sublingually and let the syrup sit in your mouth for a minute: but either way it works surprisingly well and tastes phenomenal!

D9:CBD Milk Chocolate Minis 30mg

Mellow and light

Love the flavor and the feels I get from this one

Delta 8 Gummies
Joshua P.

They get me high like weed so that’s nice yo

Really good

Definitely ordering again

Really Chill

These gummies get me where I want to be and the flavor is delicious.

My sleeping drops

Best sleep with a few drops of Ultra-Potency Delta 8 12000, hoping to see Delta 9 THC 12000mg Astonat Edition soon.

Never going back

Damn the hype is real, I feel better already. I was smoking HEAVY. This thing really saves your lungs and I don’t miss smoking my js and bongs at all yet. Would if I had to in the case of a power outage otherwise I’m never going back to smoking!

Nano THC Syrup 500mg

Another great blend from HCH

Love to see HCH coming out with a H4CBD based blend. Not a heavy hitter for me but provides a great overall feeling of well being with the perfect kick from the THCP and HHCP. Flavor is light but pleasant, and the H4CBD wasn’t as rough as I expected.

Yocan UNI Pro

D9:CBD Milk Chocolate Minis 30mg

Yocan Ziva Pro
Kaylynn S.
Excellent service

Thank you so much. Not only was the product just what I ordered but the service was beyond excellent. Thank you guys so much