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D9:CBD Hard Candy
Emily E.H.
Tasty treats

Great little candy(microdose) for calming effect during the day. Super affordable ❤️


Very effective while giving me the calming feeling I was looking for.

i haven’t received it

Awesome Chocolate


Delta 8 Distillate

On point

Order arrived promptly and was correct. I'm already familiar and happy with Yocan products, and HCH offers a good selection at fair prices. Also, the note I sent with my order was read and my request fulfilled. Thanks for a 100% positive online shopping experience! ✌️


5 star

Incredibly high quality

This stuff is the best I've had in a long time. As usual, HCH delivers top quality! Perfect cure, great strain in general. Very very smooth and everything done right down to the packaging. Even comes with a nice humidity pack!

Just a tad leaky and cloggy even on 2.0


I was I bit concerned with the lower thca of 9.85% but this stain has given me the pain relief I’ve been looking for, the high Cbda of 12.06% thank you hch!!

1ml HHC Mystery Cart

Not bad for the price but it definitely tasted weird, still did the job and got me buzzed but it was not a pleasant taste. I ended trying out their 5 pack HHC BDT pack and it was well worth it over these mystery carts because I got to choose my flavors, it’s a good deal too.

Good Morning!

I fine way to start the day.


Always quality with harbor. Good equipment for a good price.

Delta 8 Distillate

Real deal strawberry cough

By far my favorite from hch, notes of strawberry’s on inhale very gasy and potent highly recommend

Good medicine

Great flower!!! always buy from harbor city hemp! Need some freebies! 🙂

love this little thing!

got this to replace the yocan uni pro 2 and i prefer it. it's so small and it's nice to not have to use an adapter.


This shit slaps, bruh. Like, no joke. The device is great (one of the better ones I've had), simple and easy to operate, the price point for the bundle is nothing to scoff at and the options for strains and flavors and stuff is pretty good.


Taste was not what I expected but the result was wonderful I am more of the fruity lemon very taste but it just wasn't here but the effects were awesome can't say it's my number one but the sunset sherbert was on point so it's my number one would I buy again yes sir you will not be disappointed quit giving da plug your $ l0l

D9:CBD Gummies (Calm)

Yocan Kodo Pro
daniela g.
One of my fav

i love this battery ! i love the oled screen, it’s vv convenient and small.

Absolutely perfect

Got the sunset sherbert and was amazed thick sticky chunky flavorful and damn right amazing. Thank you so much my plug is wondering where the hell I'm at LOL

Yocan Kodo Pro
Taylor M.
Cutest Vaporizer

I love these! I live in CO and got one from a dispensary. It's so cute, gets a lot of compliments and easily stands up on it's own so the cart doesn't clog. The charging time is only 30 mins and I was leaving mine on the charger for too long because it started to die fast. I ordered these from HCH because I saw they had them in stock and were on sale so I got myself 3 🙂 Great updates from HCH, came fast and packaged nicely. Came with an HCH pen and an airhead candy 🙂

HHC Distillate
HHC Distillate 🤫

HHC Distillate what a great product. With great effects. It's not a cure all but if you struggle with managing your stress like me hhc helps out tremendously. The Plus side is you can use it and still function throughout the day. Thanks harbor city hemp😘

Next level

Works great, good battery life