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The Difference Between Cannabis & Botanical Derived Terpenes


  • Derived from plants other than cannabis
  • Wide variety of flavors, from fresh fruit to tart key lime pie
  • More affordable option


  • Derived from cannabis
  • Authentic cannabis strain flavor
  • More expensive to produce
distillate differences

what is HHC?

What is HHC? Hexahydrocannabinol, more commonly abbreviated to HHC, is a hydrogenated version of the cannabinoid THC found in cannabis in its natural state.

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Super smooth!! I bought the blue razz flavor and it’s the only time I’ve actually felt like this flavor is accurate— every other brands’ blue razz tastes off. Knocked me on my butt the first few times I used it— super potent!! And it comes with a label so you won’t get it mixed up with other carts 🙂 super cute and useful addition

Dank and uplifting, this cart has really impressed me. Tastiest D8 cart I’ve ever had with some of the strongest effects. Highly recommend.