1ml Delta 8 BDT Cartridge

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1ml Delta 8 BDT Cartridge (Hemp-Derived)

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  • Serving Size: 1 puff
  • Features authentic glass CCELL® cartridges with ceramic mouthpieces
  • Suggested use: Take 1 serving as needed, or as directed by your healthcare provider. Effects can vary from person to person. The required amount for full effect can also vary greatly between individuals. This is a very potent product, so may be harsh on the throat. Adjust voltage as needed, and take small puffs that do not exceed 3 seconds at a time. Do not drive or operate any machinery while using this product. Consult a doctor before using this product
  • Ingredients: Hemp Extract
  • This product contains a total delta-9-THC concentration that does not exceed 0.3% on a dry weight basis.
  • Warning: As this product contains federally legal hemp-derived delta-8-THC, an isomer of THC, it may cause a positive result on a drug test.
  • Store in a cool dry place away from heat and light. Keep away from children.
  • Current Batch: D8-0321-1 Certificate of Analysis
  • In order to provide a safe and high quality product, all of our products are produced in a FDACS licensed commercial processing facility that receives periodic inspections and is cGMP compliant. As an additional measure of safety, ethanol is the only solvent used in the entire process from hemp plant to our delta-8-THC vape cartridges.
  • FDACS Hemp Food Permit #: 2020-N-1843022


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This product is not for use by or sale to persons under the age of 18 or 21 depending on the laws of your governing state or territory. This product should be used only as directed on the label. It should not be used if you are pregnant or nursing. Consult with a physician before use, especially if you have a medical condition or use prescription medications. A doctor’s advice should be sought before using any of these products. All trademarks and copyrights are property of their respective owners and are not affiliated with nor do they endorse this product. The statements made within this website have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. These statements and the products of this company are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Weight 2 oz

43 reviews for 1ml Delta 8 BDT Cartridge

  1. Joshua (verified owner)

    I just received the cereal milk today first it knocked me OUT OF THE BALLBARK these are SO POTENT my whole body got warm and I couldn’t stop coughing gives me a really good relaxing high in the head and body

  2. V (verified owner)

    So I bought cereal milk and key lime pie and I was so amazed by the cereal milk, it tastes just like fruity pebbles and it’s super potent, def reordering!

  3. Johnny (verified owner)

    Key lime pie cart is delicious once again harbor city hemp delivers on tasty potent carts thanks!

  4. Brady

    Slurricane tastes absolutely amazing, my favorite of several brands and flavors I have tried previously

  5. Justin Casimir (verified owner)

    Great cereal milk taste like sweet cereal great taste!

  6. John Vanderpool (verified owner)

    This slurricane cart is amazing. Its only the second vape cart that I have tried its leaps and its leaps and bounds better. Taste is wonderful and the effects are great.

  7. John Ryan (verified owner)

    I ordered the Slurricane which was only my 2nd cart from HCH and holy cow the FLAVOR!

    I would put this cart up against some e-juices I swear, it’s just that delicious… and most importantly potent and high quality d8. This d8 Slurricane BDT cartridge is one of my favorites and I will certainly be ordering more.

  8. Lynn (verified owner)

    Im usually not a huge fan of bdt carts, but sometimes i vape them vs cdt carts when im in close proximity of people or whatever. HCH is my all time favorite for cdt carts so i was really excited to try it out. I got cereal milk. It pretty much tastes like good quality e juice and feels like its as potent as the cdt carts. Im definitely going to try another flavor of bdts whenever i order more cdts.

  9. Blue (verified owner)

    The key lime pie really impressed me. Lime on the inhale and sweet on the exhale. Nice flavor and effects

  10. Joe (verified owner)

    Best tasting BDT carts I’ve had yet!

  11. Paul (verified owner)

    Key lime has great flavor and effects.

  12. Steve (verified owner)

    I loved the Key Lime. Great flavor and strong effects. The cart didn’t clog once. It was really enjoyable.

  13. John (verified owner)

    Slurricane packs so much flavor, completely exceeded my expectations. These carts are quality and for the value you cannot beat them.

  14. Thomas Barnette (verified owner)

    I love these carts! The slurricane and cereal milk are so delightful. Thanks again to HCH for the fast shipping and great products!
    Highly recommend!

  15. Logan Pridgen (verified owner)

    Hands down one of the tastiest cartridges I’ve come across. Don’t know that I’ll use any other company after discovering HCH!

  16. Wayne Smith (verified owner)

    I just received my 3 carts and decided to give HCH a shot. And man it was worth it, got “Sour Strawberry Deisel”, “Sunset Sherbert” and “Slurricane”. Mighty tasty also and makes the day a little bit better!! Shit Yeah buy HBC bitches

  17. Wayne Smith (verified owner)

    I just received my 3 carts and decided to give HCH a shot. And man it was worth it, got “Sour Strawberry Deisel”, “Sunset Sherbert” and “Slurricane”. Mighty tasty also and makes the day a little bit better!! Shit Yeah buy HBC!!

  18. Dillon D (verified owner)

    Ordered the Slurricane, it was citrusy, delicious, and gave a very nice feeling. Would order again.

  19. Chuck North (verified owner)

    Slurricane taste amazing it’s like an orange slushy. So bright and flavorful. And the potency is Top Shelf as well.

  20. Lindsay H (verified owner)

    YUM! Cereal Milk is so yummy, it tastes just like fruity pebbles milk. Great effects too. Buying more because I cannot believe how awesome this cart was!

  21. RZ (verified owner)

    Cereal Milk tastes uncannily like cereal milk – really tasty, a little spicy, but strong!

  22. Cody Campbell (verified owner)

    BDT >>>>>> CO2 distilled CDT

    As far as effects are concerned, BDT wins.

    CDT may taste better, but I get nauseous from too much of it! I’m not sure why the better terps aren’t working for me personally.

    Apple Fritter BDT has been fantastic!! Tastes a bit like a cinnamon roll.

  23. Theresa Peterson (verified owner)

    Great taste, awesome effects and a really good price. I got the Key Lime Pie and Slurricane and I will be buying again. I found the Lime nice for the daytime and Slurricane is sooooo nice for the evening. Hello Relaxation.

  24. Jay (verified owner)

    I purchased the cereal milk flavor the cart was very flavorful and smooth would purchase again gonna try the other options

  25. Brian (verified owner)

    Recently got the cereal milk BDT cart and it tastes amazing! A strong berry flavor, to me it almost tastes like one of those red, white, and blue bomb popsicles. It’s great, looking forward to trying more BDT flavors.

  26. Ryan (verified owner)

    I tried Slurricane, Apple Fritter, and Key Lime Pie. All three were great. Easily 5 stars.

    Planning another order soon. I’m looking at that Blue Razz, tbqh!

  27. chris (verified owner)

    great product at a great price would recommend

  28. Haley Williams (verified owner)

    Great price, great flavor, great effects!

  29. jotea (verified owner)

    potency and flavor are really great, I’m about to place another order for the Cereal Milk and Slurricane. thanks HCH 🙂

  30. neg330 (verified owner)

    Tried Cereal Milk and loved it! Also tried Slurricane and it’s good too, but doesn’t give you that head high, just a body high. So if you’re looking for that diet-weed feel, go for the Cereal Milk— it’ll give you the best of both worlds.

  31. Nick (verified owner)

    Slurricane tastes amazing, feels great too!

  32. alexjarvis01 (verified owner)

    I bought several carts and they were all incredible. Cereal Milk has been my favorite. Great taste and effect

  33. Davie (verified owner)

    I’ve tried so many delta 8 brands. This one has definitely been my favorite. Especially for a BDT, it’s great!

  34. Lake (verified owner)

    Cereal Milk is some of the tastiest D8 I’ve ever had. For a BDT cart, it’s not too rough on my throat or lungs either. For the price, I highly recommend HCH carts

  35. Vir (verified owner)

    Great stuff. Cereal Milk tastes like Skittles.

  36. Raeey Gebrehewit (verified owner)

    All of the bdt carts I ordered had an amazing flavor to them (blue razz, slurricane, key lime pie). Really enjoyed the taste and effects. Will be ordering more soon!

  37. Lindsey (verified owner)

    I ordered 8 different flavors and haven’t tried a bad one yet! Will be ordering again soon for sure!

  38. Michael (verified owner)

    My Strawberry Cough cart was great, good flavor good high, will be ordering more!

  39. TxD8 (verified owner)

    Very impressed with the taste. Lemon pound cake was super sweet and Cereal Milk was amazing. No harsh hits just delicious medicine. Grab the bundle of carts and battery. It’s a great deal to test the waters. Even if you didn’t like what you got, you still end up with a battery. Will be buying from again soon!

  40. Wise (verified owner)

    Fruit punch flavor is on point. Finished it before the others in the pack lol. It hits right in the morning.
    Fruit snacks is great throughout the day. Reminds me of snacking on some Gushers.
    Slurricanne is chill for those late night strolls and even talks. Flavor is of a cherry and orange slushie.

  41. Jesse Garvey (verified owner)

    Amazing flavor

  42. Mattson Hahne (verified owner)

    Slurricane is the best flavor followed by member berry and blackberry kush imo these carts rule the flavor is on point and tasty every hit and for the price they can’t be beat

  43. Haley (verified owner)

    I am absolutely obsessed with cereal milk. Great flavor

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