Yocan Kodo Pro Review – A Compact and Feature-Packed Battery Mod

Yocan Kodo Pro Review

The Yocan Kodo Pro is a compact, feature-packed atomizer battery mod that offers a sleek, easy-to-use design. It is popular among vaping enthusiasts with versatile compatibility, an innovative preheat function and an adjustable voltage option. 

The Kodo Pro is worth checking whether you want a portable and powerful vaporizer battery or want to upgrade your vaping experience.

Product Description and Features

The Yocan Kodo Pro is a portable, compact atomizer battery mod that offers a sleek, easy-to-use design. Despite its small size, it packs all the necessary features for a 510 atomizer. Yocan is known for pushing the boundaries with its technology, and the Kodo Pro is no exception. 

This device is compatible with all 510 threading oil atomizers on the market, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing multiple batteries for different atomizers. One battery truly is enough with the Kodo Pro.

The Kodo Pro also boasts an innovative preheat function. This feature is perfect for preparing your material before use, resulting in a smooth and flavorful vapor. Just click the power button twice to heat your material for 10 seconds, then click it again to deactivate the heating. No more dry hits or harsh vapor!

Another great feature of the Kodo Pro is its functional adjustable voltage option. This allows you to select between 1.8-4.2v in 0.1v increments, ensuring a high-quality vaping experience tailored to your preferences. No more overheating your oils or sacrificing flavor.

Convenience is key with the Kodo Pro, which features built-in USB-C charging, so you can charge anywhere using your power cord. Plus, it takes only 30 minutes to charge the 400mAh battery fully, meaning you can spend more time vaping and less time waiting for your device to charge.

The Kodo Pro also boasts a stylish and modern design with an OLED display and a hanging hole. In addition, it is available in various colors, including black, white, blue, red, yellow, and purple, so that you can choose the best style.

Benefits and Side Effects

The Yocan Kodo Pro is a game-changer for vaping enthusiasts, offering a compact and portable design, versatile compatibility with all 510 threading oil atomizers, and an innovative preheat function for smooth and flavorful vapor. 

The adjustable voltage option allows for a customizable vaping experience, while the built-in USB-C charging makes charging quick and convenient. In addition, the stylish and modern design with an OLED display and a hanging hole, available in various colors, makes the Kodo Pro an elegant accessory. 

Say goodbye to bulky, heavy vaporizer batteries and hello to the convenience and power of the Yocan Kodo Pro.

Customer Reviews

The Yocan Kodo Pro has received positive reviews from customers who appreciate its compact and portable design, versatile compatibility with all 510 threading oil atomizers, and built-in USB-C charging feature. 

Here are the review highlights from our customers:

Great battery. All of the features the Uni Pro has but in a more compact size. The Kodo Pro charges through USB-C and has a puff counter to help you keep track of your dosing.

  • Jason

Best features of the Uni-Pro and the Kodo in one device.

  • D

Great little battery. Pocket size, USB-C and has a puff counter. It allows for adjusting and preheating too.

  • A

I ordered one of these on a whim to replace an old 3-stage stick battery, and it’s been a considerable upgrade. Adjusting the voltage finely is a game changer – carts work much more efficiently. In addition, the OLED info screen is excellent.

HCH seems to be beating many shops’ prices on it. If you’re crapping along with an old dumb battery, take advantage of this and upgrade.

  • GF

Awesome little battery!

This thing is excellent and makes for a good gift. The battery life may be longer but will generally last the whole day. My favorite thing about the KODO is its small size. It is roughly 2in x 0.75in x 0.5in. It’s easy to take just about anywhere, and the performance is excellent. Much better than some of the more expensive options.

  • jrobertsonsccb

Final Thoughts 

The Kodo Pro is an excellent option for a compact, portable atomizer battery mod that offers many features. You can enjoy your favorite oils and concentrates without switching out batteries or carrying devices with you constantly. Its sleek design, innovative preheat function, and adjustable voltage option make it versatile for users of all levels. You will not regret your choice of Yocan Kodo Pro.

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Other Yocan Products

Check out other Yocan Products below:

Get ready to vape like a boss with the Yocan Battery Cartridge Bundle! The bundle comes with not one but TWO batteries and TWO cartridges, making it the ultimate package for vaporizer enthusiasts. No more running out of power or having to switch products. This bundle has got you covered. Plus, you can keep an extra battery on standby, so you’ll never be caught without a charge again. 

This incredible bundle comes with not two but THREE batteries and cartridges, perfect for the vaping enthusiast who wants options. The batteries are compatible with most 510-threaded cartridges and have an easy-to-use control system, making it a breeze to turn them on and off and adjust the temperature settings. So whether you are a vaping newbie or a seasoned pro, this bundle has everything you need to take your vape game to the next level.

Yocan UNI Pro has some serious upgrades, including precise voltage adjustment, new buttons for easier temperature control, and an OLED screen that displays all your settings in style. Plus, it has a sleek, edgy design that will turn heads. 

With a massive 650mAh battery capacity, micro USB charging, a 10-second preheat function, a 15-second shut-off, and a level window, this vaporizer is the ultimate tool for vaping enthusiasts. So say goodbye to dull and basic vaporizers and hello to the Yocan UNI Pro!

Yocan Loki is a portable vaporizer that is compact and sleek, with an aluminum alloy body that is built to last. It has a powerful 650mAh battery with three adjustable voltage levels to customize your vaping experience to your heart’s content. And, with the one-button control system, temperature adjustments are a breeze. 

Plus, the redesigned XTAL Tip features a larger quartz tip and embedded heating element for a clean, smooth vapor every time. The Yocan Loki is easy to use and maintain, making it the perfect choice for all your vaping needs. 

Yocan Ari Mini is a portable battery designed to work with 510 thread atomizers. It comes with a variable voltage dial so you can customize the temperature. It has a preheat function that warms up the atomizer for 10 seconds at 1.8V, ensuring a smooth and consistent vaping experience. 

With a 400mAh capacity, you can vape all day without needing to recharge. Plus, the type-C charging port makes charging easy, and the durable stainless steel body ensures it will last. The Yocan Ari Mini is the perfect companion for all your vaping needs. So, why settle for a basic battery when you can have the best? 

Yocan Vane is designed specifically for dry herbs and comes loaded with features to make your vaping experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible. For example, it has a ceramic heating chamber with diffused airflow for optimal heating and vapor production. Plus, it is powered by a 1100mAh battery that can be easily recharged with a USB-C cable. 

The three-button control system makes adjusting the temperature and setting the session duration easy. And with haptic feedback that vibrates when the device is turned on or off and when it reaches the desired temperature, you will always know exactly what is going on with your vape.

Yocan Hit is designed specifically for dry herbs and comes loaded with features to make your vaping experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible. It has a ceramic heating chamber, built-in stirrer, and magnetic mouthpiece for easy loading and cleaning. In addition, the one-button control system makes it easy to adjust the temperature and set the session duration. 

Yocan HIT has a fast heat-up time of 30 seconds and a temperature range of 200-480°F. It is powered by a type-C charging port and has a safety power-off feature that shuts the device down after 30 minutes of standby. Lastly, it is lightweight and discreet, making it a great choice for on-the-go vaping sessions. 

The Yocan UNI Pro Magnetic Adapters are the ultimate accessory for the Yocan UNI Box Mod Vaporizer. These little gems are 510-threaded and come with a magnetic adapter that works with most 510-threaded cartridges. No more fumbling around trying to get your cartridge to fit. These adapters make it a breeze! 

The adapters are made of high-quality materials, so you know they are built to last. Plus, when you use them with the Yocan UNI, you will get a seamless vaping experience that’s hard to beat. And the best part? They are small and easy to use, making it convenient for quickly switching between cartridges. So, whether you’re a vaping pro or new to the game, these adapters are a must-have!

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