What Is Delta 8 Distillate, and How Do You Properly Use It?

What Is Delta 8 Distillate And How Do You Properly Use It

Delta 8 THC products are getting more and more attention these days since they provide almost the same effects as Delta 9 but milder. This makes Delta 8 an excellent choice for cannabis consumers who are sensitive to the psychoactive effects of THC. This substance can be used in isolates, tinctures, edibles, capsules, and distillates.  

In this post, we will explain what delta 8 is, compare and contrast the types of Delta 8 distillates, and answer the most asked questions regarding this unique cannabinoid.

An Overview of Delta 8 Distillate

A Delta 8 distillate is a concentrated hemp extract. It has been processed to extract all of the waxes, terpenes, and other cannabinoids.

Delta 8 THC must first undergo a series of heating and cooling methods using the distillation process to purify the substance. The honey-like consistency of this product can either have a transparent appearance or a slightly golden hue. The purity of distillates enables you to use less of the substance while still getting a precise dose.

There are several uses for Delta 8 distillates. In most cases, they are essential for producing other products such as Delta 8 edibles and vape liquids. You can also put it in almost everything you eat or drink or put a drop of it on your tongue.


Delta 8 THC is lawful in most states in the United States since it is derived from the hemp plant. However, some states have legalized Delta 8 for medical use only. Here are the states where you can purchase and use Delta 8 THC legally:

  • Alabama
  • California
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Kansas
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Carolina
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Virginia
  • Washington
  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin
  • Wyoming
  • Washington, D.C.

Nevertheless, you should always check your local and state regulations before purchasing or using Delta 8 distillate. In Canada, Delta 8 products are legal as long as they are hemp-derived and contain less than 0.3% THC. 

Drug Tests

It is worth noting that there is a chance that Delta 8 THC will make you fail a drug test. Drug tests are meant to detect Delta 9 THC metabolites you have used recently. Whether these tests can distinguish between Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC is unknown. 

Thus, if you use Delta 8 THC distillate, you risk testing positive on a drug test even if you are no longer experiencing the effects of the product. The elimination of THC from the body can take anywhere from three to four weeks, depending on how often you use the substance, how quickly your metabolism works, and other factors.

Delta 8 Tincture vs. Delta 8 Distillate

The most potent and concentrated form of delta 8 THC is known as distillate, which contains up to 99% pure delta 8 THC. On the other hand, Delta 8 THC tincture is produced by diluting a distillate with a carrier oil such as MCT, coconut, or hemp seed oil. 

When you dilute the distillate with oil, it is simpler to measure out lesser quantities, and the flavor improves. To consume tinctures, either place a few drops on the tongue’s surface or directly swallow them. 

Cannabis Distillate In A Syringe

Delta 8 Distillate Products That Are Worth Trying

Since Delta 8 is still a new and uncommon cannabinoid, its supply is low compared to other cannabinoids. When shopping for delta 8 THC distillate, it is essential to pay attention to the quality of the product. It should be obtained from organic hemp and put through rigorous testing at a third-party laboratory to ensure that it is effective and free of impurities.

Take a look at some of the ideal Delta 8 distillates you can find on the market:

Delta 8 Distillate: Contains 95% Delta 8 THC with no terpenes. It has no more than 0.3% Delta 9 THC on a dry weight basis. This product is available in 10ml, 28ml, 100ml, and 200ml.

Delta 8 Distillate BDT: Contains 95% Delta 8 THC with 5% botanically-derived terpenes. It has no more than 0.3% Delta 9 THC on a dry weight basis. This product is available in volumes 3ml, 10ml, and 28ml. Since it has terpenes, it is available in different flavors such as:

  • Orange Creamsicle
  • Slurricane
  • Strawberry Cough
  • Cereal Milk
  • Fruit Punch
  • Rainbow Sherbet
  • Grandaddy Purple
  • Green Crack
  • Blueberry Kush

Delta 8 Distillate CDT: Contains 95% Delta 8 THC with 5% CO₂-extracted cannabis-derived terpenes. It has no more than 0.3% Delta 9 THC on a dry weight basis. This product is available in volumes 3ml, 10ml, and 28ml. Since it has terpenes, it is available in different flavors such as:

  • Girl Scout Cookies
  • Skunk OG
  • Sherbert Cake
  • Cheese
  • Ice Cream Cookies
  • Mac1
  • Kush Mints
  • Lemon Thai
  • Blue Cookies
  • Biscotti Sherbert
  • Larry OG
  • Sunshine #4
  • Lemon Skunk

Delta 8 + Live Oil Distillate: Contains 92.08% Delta 8 THC with Live Oil extract, which balances the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids in the product. It has no more than 0.3% Delta 9 THC on a dry weight basis. This product is available in volumes 3ml, 10ml, and 28ml. 

Types of Delta 8 THC Distillate

Delta 8 THC distillate can be broken down into two distinct kinds. You can get it either as a full-spectrum or terped distillate. The respective chemical compositions of each type cause them to produce effects that are distinct from one another.

Full-Spectrum Delta 8 Distillate

Full-spectrum Delta 8 THC distillate contains all the cannabinoids found naturally in hemp plants. The entourage effect can be triggered by combining Delta 8 with all other therapeutic substances found in hemp flowers. Scientists believe that individual cannabinoids are more powerful when mixed with other substances than when taken separately.

In addition, a full-spectrum Delta 8 THC distillate contains more terpenes, making it taste better. If extracted correctly, this distillate should have a flavor comparable to any CBD or Delta 9 THC distillate. 

Terped Delta 8 Distillate

Terped Delta 8 distillate is pure Delta 8 THC combined with natural cannabis terpenes during the distillation process. The majority of terpenes contain antioxidant qualities. Each terpene has its unique chemical structure, which gives its own particular set of medicinal benefits.

Terpenes not only enrich the flavor profile of Delta 8 distillate but also contribute their therapeutic effects to the formulation. Infusing the distillate with terpenes can change the effects of pure Delta 8 THC in a certain way. For example, it makes the product more stimulating or sedating. 

Factors That Differentiate Delta 8 Distillates From One Another

Every brand will insist that its distillates are the greatest on the market. They do this by offering products with distinct features. To ensure that you pick the best product for your needs, you must examine all of the options available on the market in great detail. Let’s look at the Delta 8 distillate products’ characteristics that make them differ from one another.


Various manufacturers supply Delta 8 distillates. Since Delta 8 THC’s effects differ for each user, the only way to know that you are receiving high-quality Delta 8 THC is by trying it. The brand should also prove that its product does not include more than 0.3% THC.


Delta 8 THC distillates can typically be found in pink, yellow, or clear forms. In most contexts, transparency is a good indicator of purity. However, this is not always the case with Delta 8 THC. There are a lot of premium-grade Delta 8 distillates on the market that have a little color to them. 

The distillation procedure was probably not carried out accurately if it had a dark hue. Do not buy black or any other dark distillate. If the color becomes excessively dark, there is a possibility that your product is tainted with potentially hazardous compounds.

In the end, deciding on the purity of the distillate based on the color of the distillate is not as reliable as reading the lab findings. Watch out for any changes in the color of the product. 


Clear or transparent Delta 8 THC distillate indicates that it is of high quality. If the distillate has a hazy appearance, this is another indication that the distillation process was not carried out correctly. 


Potency refers to the percentage of cannabis content present in the distillate. Most range between 80% and 95%. The higher the potency, the lesser must be consumed to get the desired effects. Ensure to look for and read the third-party lab reports to verify that the information on the label is accurate.

Effects of Delta 8 Distillate

Delta 8 is often used for the same purposes as delta 9 THC to achieve the euphoric buzz from cannabis. Most users also choose Delta 8 THC as a means of alleviating chronic pain, obtaining relief from anxiety, and overcoming insomnia. 

Using Delta 8 distillate is completely safe since it is a natural product. In addition, some who have used Delta 8 THC claim it does not cause feelings of anxiety and paranoia even when taken in large doses, which makes it more suitable for a wider variety of consumers.

A Man And A Woman Vaping Cannabis Distillates

How to Properly Use Delta 8 Distillate

After going over the fundamentals of what a Delta 8 Distillate is, let’s discuss its application methods by breaking the process down into a few easy steps:

Be Aware of the Type of Distillate That You Are Using

Delta 8 distillate can be found in many different forms. For example, some come in compact resealable containers. If you have such a product, you will require a metal tool known as a “dabber” to scoop a little bit of the distillate, which you may place under your tongue or flash-vaporize in a dab rig.

However, you will also find Delta 8 THC distillate as a vape cartridge. There is no need to remove the distillate from a cartridge while using a Delta 8 vape cart because these carts are designed to work with rechargeable batteries.

It is also possible to consume Delta 8 distillates directly. However, the flavor is not particularly pleasant in its unprocessed state.

Check for Third-Party Lab Testing

Every manufacturer of Delta 8 THC will assure you that their products are squeaky clean and do not include any chemical byproducts or acids. However, this is something that only lab tests can prove. 

Third-party labs analyze samples of the distillate produced by other companies to determine the cannabinoid profile and the presence of various compounds and impurities. The following are some of the most notable tests conducted by third parties:

  • An analysis of the amount of Delta 8, Delta 9, and any additional cannabinoids that may be present in the sample
  • An analysis of the traces of the pesticides applied to the hemp plant when it was being grown
  • An analysis of the sample’s contamination with heavy metals 
  • An analysis of the unwanted chemical byproducts used in the production of the distillate

Determine the Ideal Method of Consumption

Each variety of Delta 8 distillates can be used in various ways. You can use it with a dab rig or a vape cartridge. The use of a vape pen is by far the most prevalent method for consuming Delta 8 THC. The vast majority of Delta 8 THC vape carts are made to be compatible with the 510 threading.

Many users also put it in a specialized distillate dab rig or use it to refill their vape pens. A dab rig is a piece of smoking equipment similar to a bong or a water pipe. However, rather than having a bowl to hold loose cannabis, a dab rig is intended to evaporate concentrates such as waxes or distillates.

Decide the Appropriate Dosage for You

Even though high quantities of Delta 8 THC won’t make you anxious or paranoid, you still should not consume too much of it at once. This is especially true if you are just a newbie. As your body gets accustomed to the effects of Delta 8 THC distillate, steadily increase the amount you take until you reach your ideal dosage.

Delta 8 distillate FAQs

Is Delta 8 oil the same as distillate?

No. Delta 8 distillate is the most concentrated form of delta 8 THC, with a consistency similar to that of a thick syrup. In comparison, Delta 8 THC oil or tincture is produced by diluting a distillate with a carrier oil. Because of this, Delta 8 THC oils have a more runny consistency.

Is it safe to dab Delta 8 distillate?

A Delta 8 distillate is a thick extract with a honey-like consistency typically used with vape cartridges. However, Delta 8 distillates can also be dabbed using a dab rig. It is safe to dab Delta 8 distillate, and their effects are often experienced instantly. However, dabbing Delta 8 distillate results in less potent effects.

How much distillate should I use?

It might be difficult to accurately measure the dosage of Delta 8 since it is a thick, sticky, resinous extract. The recommended dosage of delta 8 is somewhere in the range of 10 to 40 mg. Many believe that somewhere between 20 and 30mg is the ideal dose. Nevertheless, the perfect dose truly varies on the user.

How long does a Delta 8 distillate high last?

Delta 8 distillate can quickly produce effects lasting sixty to ninety minutes. More positive psychological effects can be expected from the distillate. These effects caused by Delta 8 distillate are less intense and uplifting than those caused by Delta 9 THC. 


Delta 8 distillate contains the highest concentration of THC, usually up to 90%. However, it lacks chlorophyll, waxes, and other botanical components typically present in low-quality THC extracts. 

The distillate is the beginning ingredient for producing and using many other products containing Delta 8 THC. An oil is combined with a distillate to make Delta 8 THC tinctures. Similarly, distillates are placed on cartridges to be used in a vape device. Finally, the distillate is combined with a gelatin gummy candy base to make gummies.

When taking Delta 8 distillate, always begin with a modest dose and gradually increase it after you understand how the substance affects your body.

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