We need your help: FL SB1676 & HB1475

We Need Your Help Sb1676 Hb1475

Fight for Hemp in Florida

Last month, new legislation was proposed in the Florida House and Senate that would completely destroy the Florida hemp industry. Both SB1676 and HB1475, if passed as-is, would make delta-8-THC, HHC, delta-9-THC edibles, and most full-spectrum CBD products illegal to manufacture, sell, or possess in the state of Florida.

 At Harbor City Hemp, we have worked diligently over the last three years to build a company that provides our customers with safe and affordable products that offer them the relief or relaxation they need. With the passage of this proposed legislation, we would be unable to continue our operations in our home state of Florida or serve our Floridian customers.

While we have gone beyond the minimum requirements set by the Florida Department of Agriculture and have implemented common sense practices that aim to protect the consumer and the industry itself, many others have not. In the current Florida hemp market, it is common to see intoxicating hemp products in ever-so-slightly modified packaging of Skittles, Sour Patch Kids, and other popular candies that are typically marketed to children. Aside from the obvious trademark infringement, this practice does great damage to our industry by making products not only attractive to children, but nearly indistinguishable from the un-infused product. This can lead to children being unintentionally exposed to THC and other intoxicating substances. As a result, there have been numerous calls to the Florida Poison Control Center by parents after their children have ingested these products and became intoxicated. This is one of many issues that has prompted SB1676 and HB1475, which aim to address this problem, but unfortunately go too far and effectively outlaw the industry entirely.

With help from you and anyone else that benefits from hemp products, we are working to help prevent or modify the proposed legislation so that we may continue to operate and serve our customers. We are a member of the Florida Healthy Alternatives Association, a pro-hemp lobbying group, and are donating a portion of our proceeds to help them fight this proposed legislation and keep the hemp industry alive and well in Florida.

You can make an impact by supporting us with a purchase, or more importantly, by contacting the appropriate Florida lawmakers (listed here) with your personal story of how this proposed law would impact you. Providing your unique testimony of how hemp-based products have enriched your life is the most effective action you can take. If you have enjoyed our products or hemp in general, please use a small portion of your day to do this. Every purchase and story shared makes a difference – let’s win this together!

Luke and Kiara

Founders, Harbor City Hemp

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