Does HHC Show Up on a Drug Test? What You Need to Know

Does Hhc Show Up On A Drug Test What You Need To Know

If you’re taking Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) or considering taking it, it’s only natural to be concerned about whether the cannabinoid will show up in standard drug tests. The short answer is yes, it can show up, but it’s essential to know how and why it happens. There are many things to know about HHC and whether it shows up on a standard drug test.

See, while the chances of this happening are lower than Delta 9 THC, you have to keep in mind that those who take HHC are always at the risk of testing positive for THC metabolites. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a long-time user or you’ve only taken HHC once – there’s always a chance that it will show up when you go through drug testing.

Before we go deeper into that, it is essential to learn about HHC and drug testing.

What Is HHC?

HHC, or Hexahydrocannabinol, is one of the hemp-derived cannabinoids similar to Delta 9 THC. It’s naturally found in the seeds and pollen of the hemp plant, but only in very small quantities, even lower than Delta 8. This is why most of the HHC in the market is created in the lab. A THC molecule has to pass through a hydrogenation process to convert it into its hydrogenated form, HHC. 

The chemical structure of THC is also altered, turning it into an entirely different molecule. This is what makes HHC legal on a federal level. The double bonds in its structure are replaced with hydrogen molecules, turning it into a shelf-stable cannabinoid. 

Hydrogenation makes HHC’s molecular structure more robust and less susceptible to oxidation and degradation caused by harsh environmental conditions. 

Despite the changes in molecular structure, HHC still produces an effect that is almost the same as that of THC. The difference is that HHC is slightly less potent than Delta 9, meaning fewer chances of anxiety and paranoia for users. HHC has at least ten isomers, the most prevalent being cannabiripsol in most current products.

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How Does HHC Work in the Body

The endocannabinoid system in the body helps regulate vital functions such as sleep, hunger, memory, mood, pain, and the immune system. Cannabinoids extracted from the cannabis plant, such as HHC, THC, and CBD, function like keys to the receptor locks, which work together to initiate a biological process.

Potency is the critical difference between HHC and THC. HHC is less potent than THC, but it still brings psychoactive effects. Smoking or ingesting HHC will make the compound enter your bloodstream and reach your brain. 

From there, the compound binds with the CB1 receptors, which influence the neurons that affect your mood, appetite, and perception. In short, the compound gives you a high. HHC effects vary per individual – some are more prone to adverse results.

But generally, cannabinoids help bring relaxation, reduce pain, and improve sleep quality.

What Is the Difference Between HHC and THC?

HHC is a hydrogenated variety of THC. Although HHC is not tetrahydrocannabinol, at least technically, it can be derived from one. This compound has almost the same effects as THC, a psychoactive cannabinoid. Many users describe it as like Delta 9 and Delta 8 having a love child, especially since it offers the best of both worlds.

HHC is often regarded as a better option than Delta 9 due to its psychotropic effects minus the severe side effects. HHC causes euphoria and boosts one’s appetite without the uncontrollable urge to eat, which is termed as having the “munchies.”

Aside from the euphoric effects, HHC also gives a relaxing and sedating feeling, just like Delta 8 THC. HHC’s side effects include dry mouth, anxiety, rapid heart rate, and paranoia, although the levels are considerably less than THC’s.

Will HHC Show Up in Your Drug Test?

There are two reasons why HHC is likely to show up in drug tests. 

First, it’s because HHC produces similar metabolites as THC. It has a structure just like THC’s and effects that are nearly identical to those of Delta 8 and Delta 9. 

Second, there are lots of HHC products that are cross-contaminated with THC. Unfortunately, many manufacturers don’t provide reports for basic testing and contamination for their products. 

It’s too easy to unintentionally buy illegal products containing Delta 9 THC levels beyond the 0.3% federal limit. There are cases in which the product does indicate that it has trace amounts of THC, but the exact amount is not what it seems. 

Therefore, you must buy products only from transparent and reliable sources that provide a complete Certification of Analysis. 

When it comes to reliable HHC products, you can trust Harbor City Hemp HHC Products to give you the safe and enjoyable experience you deserve.

How Long Does HHC Stay in Your System?

To be safe, you should expect HHC to stay in your system for a few weeks to a few months. Cannabinoids can be detected in your bodily fluids like urine and blood for up to 30 days after your last use. If you’re a daily user who takes HHC several times a day, it can stay detectable in your body for several months. 

Since HHC tends to accumulate in the body cells just like other compounds, it’s recommended that you stop using it for up to three weeks before your scheduled drug test.

How long HHC remains in your body depends on several factors, just like with other cannabinoids. These factors include how much HHC you consume, frequency of use, metabolism, personal sensitivity to the substance, and the type of test used to detect it. Let’s get into this more thoroughly.

Frequency of Use

The rule of thumb here is that the more frequently you consume HHC, the longer it stays in your system. Cannabinoids such as HHC are fat-soluble, which means they get absorbed and stored by your body’s fat cells. It takes much longer to remove a cannabinoid like HHC from your fat cells than from your bloodstream. 

So if you use HHC continuously, your body won’t have a chance to remove the substance from your system, and it will just gather in your fat cells. Now, if you use HHC only sparingly, say once or twice a week, your body will have free time to eliminate the compound in your system and avoid getting a positive result in a drug screen.


Younger users can get rid of HHC from their bodies faster than those older. Metabolism slows down as people age, which makes it more difficult for their bodies to process medication and substances. 

If you’re someone in your mid-20s, your body can process HHC around twice as quickly as an average person in their mid-60s. So a 25-year-old may take three days for his body to process a dose of HHC, while a 65-year-old may take around a week to do the same.


There are people with a slow metabolism and those with faster ones. Those with faster metabolism can process substances such as HHC more quickly than those with a slower metabolism. Your metabolism level also influences how fast your liver can break down HHC and your kidneys to remove it from your body. 

Method of Consumption

Generally, it’s faster to flush out HHC from your body if you consume it via vaping or smoking. Inhaling HHC is the best way to feel the effects faster, and the method also eliminates the substance more quickly than others.

This is because inhaling absorbs the HHC through the lungs and right into your bloodstream in mere minutes. Your liver acts on it sooner and lessens the time it takes for your body to remove the substance from your system. 

If you ingest HHC, it will take around twice as long for your body to process the substance because it has to go through your digestive system before it gets into your blood. 

This makes vaping or smoking the preferred method of users who are constantly worrying about HHC and drug tests. 


If you’re taking medications that use the same metabolic resources as HHC, it can take significantly longer for your body to process and eliminate both substances from your system. It becomes a metabolic competition, making the HHC linger in your system. Hence, it may likely cause you to fail a drug test.

Also, your body will process your prescription medications slowly and make them more effective. It may sound good, but it can be dangerous for your body. 

The HHC and your medications will rely on the same liver enzymes to process the substances. Therefore, it’s better to avoid or at least significantly lessen the usage of HHC while you’re on medications.

The takeaway is that it’s more likely that HHC will show up on a drug test, which should be enough reminder to stop using if you’re expecting a screening. Compared to cannabinoids like THC and CBD, there is relatively less information about HHC. Still, they are chemically similar enough to determine how the body metabolizes them.


Does HHC show up on a drug test?

While HHC is not technically the same as Delta 8 or Delta 9 THC, it can lead to a failed drug test. HHC has a similar chemical structure to the two cannabinoids and thus can metabolize similarly. 

An HHC drug test analyzes urine, saliva, or blood for these HHC metabolites. A lot of these tests will be looking at specimens for THC-COOH metabolites. Avoiding HHC products is best if you are anticipating a drug test.

How long does HHC stay in urine?

Cannabinoids such as HHC can be detected in bodily fluids like urine and blood for up to 30 days after the last use. The HHC can be detected for several months in daily users who consume it several times a day. Also, HHC tends to accumulate in the body’s cells like the compounds, so avoid using it for up to three weeks or more before scheduled urine tests.

Does HHC get you high?

Yes, it can. The high is similar to THC, although it’s less potent. You get a chill and relaxing feeling like one gets from Delta 8 THC. A lot of users describe HHC’s euphoric high as the perfect blend.

The high can last around two to three hours, depending on several factors such as the amount and type of HHC consumed, the user’s age and metabolism, and the frequency of use.

Can you overdose on HHC?

There is no such thing as overdosing on HHC, although one must be aware of possible side effects. In the case of HHC, the side effects are of the mild sort and never life-threatening.

You can get too high on HHC, though. Inherently speaking, it’s not dangerous, but it can compromise your safety if you drive or operate heavy machinery while under the influence.

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