A Buyer’s Guide for Weed Cartridge Batteries

A Buyers Guide For Weed Cartridge Batteries

If you use vape cartridges, you have probably lost, broken, or used up a 510-threaded rechargeable battery at some point. There is a good chance you’ve bought and rebought some version of that battery from a dispensary. It works until it does not, which is fine until you buy a bunch of them for $5–$15 each.

The more expensive solutions make sense at that point, even though they require a more significant initial investment. There are many oil vape pens, each with features that give the user different benefits. Since there are so many options on the market, it can be hard to figure out what design, features, and specs are best for you.

Read on to get all the information you need to ensure your next vaping experience is the best.

What Are Vape Batteries?

Oil vape pens use four essential components: the atomizer, cartridge, battery, and electronic parts. The power for the atomizer comes from the vape pen’s battery, which also stores electricity. This way, it is different from a typical Li-on battery since it can do a few more things. It also has electronic circuitry that controls how much power is transferred and other features that can help you get the most out of vaping, like adjusting the voltage.

The atomizer’s wire coil or ceramic element gets its power from these electronic parts. This element then makes heat, which makes the oil in the vape cartridge turn into vapor. A connector with a 510 thread is what holds these two pieces together. In simple terms, the vape pen’s power source is the battery, which stores energy and controls energy flow from the battery to the atomizer.

Each of these parts needs to work well with the others for you to enjoy using your vape without any problems. The atomizer is usually built into the cartridge for oil vape pens. Thus, the two parts do not compete with each other. Still, everyone knows that not every oil will work with every oil cartridge. In the same way, not every cartridge will work best with every battery, and some batteries might not even fit in the right slot.

Types of Vape Batteries

  • Buttonless stylus batteries

A buttonless stylus battery is by far the most common one available. It has several names, including auto draw and a slim vape pen. These only function when they are hit. The voltage they emit is directly proportional to the force the user pulls on them.

The maximum voltage applied to an electrical circuit is typically 3.3 volts. Since a buttonless stylus battery’s voltage is lower and the amperage used to charge them, you should only use the charger that came with them to charge them.

Standard pens that do not have buttons are typically constructed with low-quality components and should not be relied upon to last for an extended period if you don’t want to constantly be forced to replace something, either invest in an excellent quality item with a warranty or be prepared to replace it.

  • Buttonless vape batteries

The buttonless vape pen battery with a fixed voltage typically operates at 3.7 volts. As a result of its adaptability, it can be used to power a diverse collection of cartridges. The fact that it does not require a battery, that you do not have to press a large number of buttons to turn it on or off, and that it will not turn on while it is in your pocket is something that appeals to a lot of people.

  • Vape batteries with button

Button-activated vape pen battery is connected to the buttonless flexible battery that maintains a constant voltage. It lets users completely switch off the vape pen and control its power flow. Thus, you can use this to turn the pen on and off if it is in your pocket.

  • Variable voltage vape pen batteries

Consider purchasing a variable voltage vape battery if you want to ensure the efficiency of your vaping experience. Using dials or buttons that allow you to choose voltages, you can almost “dial in” your voltage and the temperature of the atomizer. This gives you the freedom to experiment with different vaping styles.

When you use these batteries, you can nearly get whatever effect you want, from a subtle flavor by adding terpenes to a potent high by producing a larger cloud of smoke. Moreover, cannabis vape pens with variable voltage settings are available in various sizes and designs.

  • Disposable vape pens

Sometimes you require a battery that you can bring without worrying about it becoming damaged. Disposable vape pens are an excellent option because they are not intended to be used more than once and can be discarded when their contents are depleted.

Disposable vape pens are becoming more popular wholesale. This is because manufacturers can fill them with their product, and customers do not have to purchase an entire vape pen kit. You won’t have to worry about the product’s quality being compromised since they contain ceramic cartridges with holes that can accommodate the thickness of your oil. Thus, it is possible to maintain the product’s high-quality standard.

How Do 510 Thread Batteries Work?

The term “510 thread batteries” refers to a universal design. It is a term for the style of connection used in the vaping industry for a wide range of atomizers and vape cartridges. Due to this, you should not use a 510 male thread with a 510 female thread. It is very important to make sure you choose the right parts.

Nevertheless, there is a high level of compatibility between cartridges and batteries. This means that a wide range of brands of both cartridges and batteries can work well together. Finding a kit that works with a wide range of store-bought carts will be easier if you know how parts go together.

Manufacturers often use 510-thread vape pen batteries to keep their products open source and let vapers customize their vaping experience.

Voltage settings

There are different voltages for vaporizer pens and batteries with various voltage styles. Most of the time, you can expect a voltage range between 3.3v and 4.8v. You may be able to change the voltage depending on how hard you want to draw.

In general, you can expect the voltage of a vape pen to be somewhere around 3.3v. This voltage is about right for a typical oil cartridge made of polycarbonate. However, it won’t heat a ceramic or wickless cartridge well enough.

To reach the best temperature for most oils, which is between 280 and 350°F, the correct voltage will depend on how much resistance the atomizer provides. Always start with a low voltage and increase it as you go. The vapor is purer when the voltage is lower, with a more substantial hit. But keep in mind that the voltage values do not show whether the product is better.


Have you ever asked yourself, “How long does a vape battery last?” Start by looking at the milliamp-hour (mAh) of the battery. This tells you how much power a battery can give, how long before it needs to be charged again, and how long it can go without being charged. Most vape pens have batteries ranging from 280 to 900 mah. The high rating of 900 mah is usually given to high-voltage or high-resistance kits.


Start by using the charger that comes with your vaporizer battery. A standard USB charger is better than a fast charger. But some vape batteries come with higher voltage or amperage chargers than others. Contact the manufacturer if you need help figuring out which charger is suitable for your battery.

If you try to save money by taking shortcuts, you might damage the battery, which could cause it to break. Use a regular USB port or a wall adapter instead of the quick charger for your phone. It is important to ensure that the voltage of your charger and your battery are the same.

Finding Quality Weed Cartridge Batteries

As a buyer, it can be hard to tell the difference between a high and low-quality battery. Although the vast majority of these batteries look the same, they are made by different companies using a wide range of high-quality parts.

A high-quality vape battery will hold a charge for longer and have consistent power ratings. Since you can’t tell how good a battery is by taking it apart and looking at the parts inside, products that guarantee longer warranties are the best sign that the battery you want to buy is a good one.

How to Get the Best Cartridge for You

Choosing the best oil vape cartridge means taking a lot of different things into account. Check out our guide on how to use Delta 8 carts to learn everything there is to know about them.

Oil vape cartridges can be broken down into four generations at their most basic level. The first type is the traditional polycarbonate or plastic vape cartridge, which works best with a low-voltage battery in most cases. The second is a glass vape cartridge that uses the same idea but has a better design and a glass case.

For the third one, the wire coil is replaced with a ceramic heating element. The fourth generation is a ceramic cartridge that does not have a wick and has a ceramic heating element that doesn’t have a coil. This heating element does not use an oil wick, so the cartridge must not be refilled as often.

How to Use a Vape Battery for a 510 Thread Cartridge

When looking for a battery for a vape pen, it is essential to understand what a THC cartridge is. The following is a list of things you should anticipate from THC cartridges:

  • The cartridge with the 510 thread is by far the most prevalent type. It is equipped with a standard connector that enables the cartridge to be screwed in place firmly.
  • Although cannabis oil is typically already included within a vape cartridge, users can also purchase empty 510-thread cartridges that they are free to fill any way they see fit.
  • Vape carts are filled based on milligrams and not in volume. Thus, it is usual for there to be some “headspace” in them. This is because milligrams are measured differently than volume.
  • The vape battery produces the vapor and is also the power source that causes the THC oil cart to get hot.

Potential Benefits of Using Vape Cartridges

Due to the drawbacks associated with traditional smoking methods, an increasing number of people are turning to alternative methods, such as vaporizer pens and cartridges. There are many advantages to using vape oil carts, particularly when compared to smoking marijuana.

Vaping enables users to inhale hits of marijuana while maintaining a low temperature in their bodies. When temperatures are reduced, breathing in becomes easier for the user. Since inhaling cannabis oil for vape does not produce smoke, this method reduces the discomfort felt in the lungs and throat.

Moreover, vaping is less noticeable to those around you. People are now able to receive all of the benefits that marijuana has to offer without drawing unwelcome attention to themselves, thanks to the development of vape pens and cartridges. Vape pens are discrete, take up very little space, and nearly never emit a pungent odor.

Check out this article if you wonder if vaping cannabis oil is addictive.

Factors to Look For in a Vape Pen Battery

Although batteries are probably the least exciting aspect of the vaping experience, that does not mean you need not care about what you buy. The purchase of high-quality batteries for your cannabis cartridges is an investment that, in the long run, will both enhance your experience and help you save money. When shopping for cannabis cartridge batteries, here are some things you ought to keep in mind.


When the battery in the cannabis cartridge has greater power, the clouds produced by the vape will be more dense and full. If you are not searching for a powerful high, opting for batteries with less power can be the best choice. In addition, they are easy to understand for novices. Choose a high-powered battery cartridge if you like a more intense high.

Another factor that contributes to the overall power of the weed cartridge batteries is the length of time they can keep their charge. It is abundantly clear that the optimal choice is a battery that can be charged quickly but maintains its charge for a considerable length of time.


Always make sure that the battery thread of the marijuana cartridge you choose is compatible with the cartridge you already have. This is an extremely critical step. You do not want to bring your batteries back home only to find that they are incompatible with your cartridge.


When purchasing vape cartridges, one of the first things you should do is check to see what materials are used to produce them.

Copper, quartz, ceramic, titanium, and various alloys of titanium are the materials that are often used in the production of vape cartridges. You will be better able to select the appropriate vape pen if you know how these materials influence your vaping experience.

Quartz cartridges are well-known for their effectiveness and their capacity to create a flavor that is unrivaled in its smoothness. Ceramic cartridges, on the other hand, are by far the most common since they deliver the biggest and smoothest hits.

Temperature control

The vape batteries that allow for numerous voltage settings are the most suitable for use with cartridges. With these, you have control over the temperature of the vape. You can take smooth and mellow hits or puffs that are more intense and strong.

Useful Pointers for Using 510-Thread Batteries With Vape Oil

When using a 510-thread battery with vape oil, you must know a few things. You will have a better experience if you follow the guidelines below. Have a look at them:

Allow the Wicks to Get Wet

Dry or burnt hits are never good. Although we understand that you are eager to start using your brand-new device, we ask that you be patient. If you let the oil soak into the wicks for some time, you can ensure that they are well-saturated, making it less likely that they will catch fire when you provide electricity to the device.

When You Are Not Using Your Device, Make Sure to Lock It

Nothing is more frustrating than getting that cozy feeling in your pocket, only to pull out your vaporizer and discover that the wicks have burnt out and the oil is spoiled. What causes this to take place? You would be astounded by how simple it is to ‘pocket fire’ your device.

If you are not going to be using your vaping device, you should either “lock” it or switch it off. This is especially important if you are going to be placing it in your pocket.

Prolong the Battery Life

Batteries that use lithium-ion can be highly temperamental and require a great deal of attention to remain in good condition. When charging your battery, check it has reached its maximum capacity before using it.

In most cases, the lifespan of batteries will decrease proportionately to the number of times they are charged. You may extend the lifespan of your battery and make it more reliable by using it until it is almost completely depleted and then fully charging it.

Take Smaller Hits

Although many people enjoy taking huge drags from vape pens, taking smaller hits more frequently is safer. If you overdo it and take long, forceful pulls, you will increase the likelihood that the wicks will dry up, leading to them catching fire.

Replace Damaged Devices

If your battery displays any indications of damage, it is time to consider purchasing a new one. Lithium batteries are typically pretty safe, provided they are in good condition. But damaged batteries are a different story. Any chipping, dents, scratches, or exposed metal pieces will require immediate attention. If the battery becomes hot, detach it from the cartridge or atomizer.

Use Good Quality Chargers

Ever noticed how your phone is not retaining a charge as well as it used to? The amp power of your charger might also affect how long your 510-thread vape lasts. Try and use the charger and cord that comes with the device.

Buy Weed Cartridge Batteries

Vape Pen Battery

Introducing Harbor City Hemp’s vape batteries for all your vaping needs! These batteries are specifically designed for our vaporizers and are made with durable, long-lasting materials. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced vaper, these batteries are the perfect addition to your vaping setup.

So here are our suggestions for excellent weed cartridge batteries at our shop. Make sure to check the Harbor City Hemp Discount Program to see if you are qualified for a 30% discount.

Yocan Kodo

The Yocan Kodo is a portable, palm-sized atomizer battery mod that packs a punch in a sleek and easy-to-use package. It is compatible with all 510 threading oil atomizers and has an innovative preheat function. The device has an adjustable voltage option with three different low-voltage power levels, ensuring a high-quality vaping experience. It also features a built-in 400mAh battery with micro USB charging that takes 30 minutes for a full charge. Its stylish and modern design makes it perfect for on-the-go vape enthusiasts.

Yokan Kodo Pro

The Yocan Kodo Pro boasts a sleek and easy-to-use design. It is compatible with all 510 threading oil atomizers and has an adjustable voltage option that allows the user to select between 1.8-4.2v in 0.1v increments. The Yocan Kodo Pro features a built-in 400mAh battery with USB-C charging that takes 30 minutes for a full charge. With its stylish and modern design, the Yocan Kodo Pro is perfect for those who want a portable and discreet concentrate vaporizer.

Harbor City Hemp Batter + Cartridge Bundle

The Harbor City Hemp Battery + Cartridge Bundle is perfect for those who enjoy vaping Delta 8. Save more when you buy our bundle, which includes various options, including Delta 8, Delta 8 + Live Oil, and HHC cartridges in both BDT and CDT varieties. Each cartridge features authentic glass CCELL® cartridges with ceramic mouthpieces. The effects can vary from person to person, and the required amount for full effect can also vary significantly between users.

Frequently Asked Questions

What battery do I need for a weed cart?

When you want to use a weed cart, the type of cartridge you have will determine what kind of battery you need. The 510 thread is the most common type of cartridge, and it works with almost all batteries on the market today. But there are also other types of carts, like the ego thread and the 810 thread, and each of these needs a different battery.

When it comes to 510 thread cartridges, there are a lot of options on the market right now. The most well-known options are the Yocan Kodo, the Yocan Kodo Pro, and the CCELL Palm. Most of these batteries have a capacity of about 400 mAh, which is enough for a full day of vaping. They are only meant to work with 510 thread cartridges.

When looking for a battery to power your cannabis cart, it’s essential to think about what features are most important to you. Some batteries have a feature that warms up the material before it is used. Some of them have voltage settings that can be changed, which can help you figure out what temperature is best for your vape. Some batteries also have OLED displays, which can help you keep track of the battery’s temperature and how much of its life is left.

Are all weed vape batteries the same?

No, not all batteries for weed vaporizers are the same. There are a lot of different kinds of batteries you can buy on the market today. Each one has its own set of features that are unique to it.

Often, the battery used in cannabis carts is the 510-thread battery. Most of these batteries have a capacity of about 400 mAh and are made to work with the vast majority of carts on the market.

Some batteries have a preheating feature, a voltage setting that can be changed, an OLED screen, and other features that could help you figure out the best temperature for your vape. Also, some batteries come with USB-C charging, which is faster and uses less energy than micro USB charging.

What voltage is best for a weed cart?

The best voltage for a cannabis cart will depend on the substance you are using and your personal preferences. When the voltage is set lower, the vapor that comes out is smoother, but when the voltage is set higher, the vapor that comes out is more potent.

To get the proper voltage for your vape, you need to start with a low-voltage setting on your cannabis cart. As you get closer to finding the best temperature for your vape, gradually raise the voltage. Most batteries have voltage settings that can be changed, which can help you figure out what temperature is best for your vaporizer.
Also, it is essential to remember that different carts have different resistance levels.

This difference can affect how much voltage is needed to reach a specific temperature. Also, some carts might not work well in places with high voltage, which could cause the materials to catch fire or get damaged.

Does it matter what 510 battery you use?

When using a 510-thread cart, the type of battery you use could affect the features and performance. Even though most 510-thread batteries work with most carts, some batteries may work better with certain carts. Also, it’s important to remember that different batteries can have different capacities, affecting how long they can last without being charged.

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