1ml Glass Syringe (Empty): Review

1Ml Glass Syringe (Empty) Review

We all enjoy the potent experience of a high-quality concentrate. However, storing and dispensing viscous products such as concentrates can prove to be a challenging task, especially if you’re new to the experience.

That is until Harbor City Hemp 1ml Glass Syringe (Empty) comes along. This accessory is the perfect tool for the precise and controlled administration of your favorite cannabis extracts. Thanks to its easy-to-use design and durable construction, this glass syringe offers a sleek and sterile solution for storing a variety of products including concentrates, oils, and distillates. 

Whether you’re a cannabis enthusiast looking for the optimal storage method or a beginner finding the best way to enjoy your THC oil, the 1ml Glass Syringe (Empty) may just be the answer.

In this review, we’ll discuss the features and description of this must-have tool in detail and explore all the necessary information to help you make an informed decision. So, grab a seat and join us as we show you how this simple yet efficient product can elevate your cannabis experience.

Description and Features

As the cannabis industry continues to grow, so does the need for reliable and efficient tools to handle its many products. The 1ml Glass Syringe (Empty) is one such tool that has become a popular choice among novice users and professionals alike.

The glass syringe is typically used to extract thick oils or viscous concentrates. These products are often too thick to be easily handled or consumed in their raw form. That’s when you can take advantage of this syringe to extract the desired amount and use it with a vape pen, a dab tool, or as it is. 

Crafted from high-quality borosilicate glass, the 1ml Glass Syringe (Empty) provides a hygienic and controlled way of dispensing liquids. Moreover, the syringe features a Luer locking cap, ensuring that there is no leakage and that air can’t get into the tool.

Another notable feature of the 1ml Glass Syringe (Empty) is its clear and readable scale. This allows you to determine the precise amount of liquid easily.

On top of that, the 1ml Glass Syringe (Empty) is highly versatile and can be used for various purposes. Whether you need a quick dose of CBD oil for your aching joints or want to add your Delta 8 distillate to your morning coffee, this glass syringe has you covered.

This product is also perfect for making your favorite homemade edible. All you have to do is measure the desired dose and add it to your food recipe.

It is important to note that this product is an all-glass graduated syringe and must be gently heated before use, otherwise, the glass can break. Remember to always handle it with care to avoid harm or breakage.

Benefits and Side Effects

The 1ml Glass Syringe (Empty) is a popular choice for users who want to accurately measure and dispense their cannabis extracts. However, like any other product, it also comes with its own set of advantages and drawbacks. So, it’s important to have the right information before purchasing this product.

There are several benefits to using Harbor City Hemp glass syringe. First and foremost, glass is a non-reactive material that will not affect the quality or potency of your cannabis concentrates. This is especially important for medical patients or those who are sensitive to impurities in their products.

Furthermore, the glass syringe is easy to clean and sterilize, which is important for maintaining a hygienic and safe environment when handling cannabis products. Simply remove the plunger and needle, wash the syringe with soap and water, and sterilize it with alcohol or a sterilization solution.

Another advantage of the 1ml Glass Syringe (Empty) is its accuracy and precision. Thanks to its transparent design, you can easily measure the exact amount of concentrate you need for the ideal experience. This is highly beneficial for medical users who need to carefully control their dosage for optimal pain relief or other therapeutic benefits.

Finally, glass syringes are also durable and long-lasting. Unlike plastic syringes which can warp or degrade over time, glass syringes will maintain their shape and function with proper care and storage.

That said, the glass syringe can be expensive. In comparison to plastic syringes, they may not fit every budget.

Another drawback of using glass syringes is leakage, which can occur during the transportation and handling of the syringe. As a result, the user may lose some of the product.

Customer Reviews

Now that we have explored all the amazing features of the 1ml Glass Syringe (Empty), it is time to read some reviews from our valued customers who have tried this tool. This product is one of our most popular accessories, and many have appreciated its ease-of-use, and superior quality.

The best syringes!

These make filling carts an absolute breeze. Also a plus that they’re re-usuable.


High Quality Syringes

These are my favorite syringes to buy for filling my carts.


Glass syringe

I got it for free when I ordered an oz of distillate, which I’m also loving. But the syringe come with a needle and js have to make sure your syringe is heated up before you extract any oil. Love it harbor city hemp!!!

Harley D

Beautiful Product

The empty 1ml Glass Syrunge which is included with a purchase of a jar of terms because very helpful when filling carts. The syringe doesn’t fall apart like most syringes do but this one is different. It is built different and has a beautiful harbor helpful logo on the glass to help you remember who the best delta 8 producer is

Alex M

Such a cool syringe

I didn’t expect the thing to last very long, due to the needle not being connected to the bottle, but it turns out they are basically the only one you need, if you clean them of course.

Daniel S


It’s great that it’s free when buying distillate. One last me awhile so I can reuse.

Keaton C

Final Words

The 1ml glass syringe is an excellent choice for anyone looking to store or dispense their cannabis products safely and efficiently. Its sleek design and transparency make it a great addition to any cannabis collection. 

It is durable, easy to clean, and does not react with the substances they are used to dispense, allowing you to enjoy the purity and quality of your cannabis product.

Whether you’re a medical user or simply enjoy the potent experience of concentrates, the 1ml Glass Syringe (Empty) can help you measure and administer your products with ease. Shop today, and level up your cannabis game!

Buy 1ml Glass Syringe (Empty) at Harbor City Hemp

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Other Syringes

When it comes to dispensing and measuring different cannabis oils, the 1ml Glass Syringe (Empty) is by far the best choice out there. But we also offer a range of other syringes filled with natural and quality extracts, to get you started with zero delay and hassle. 

Let’s take a look at some of our top-notch Syringes, and see whether they’re a good fit for your routine:

  • 1ml Delta 8 Syringe BDT

Are you looking for an innovative way to experience the world of Delta 8 THC? Check out Harbor City Hemp 1ml Delta 8 Syringe BDT, the unique product that allows you to enjoy a precise dosage of Delta 8 in an easy-to-use syringe format.

The beauty of the syringe is that you can customize your dosage to fit your specific needs and preferences. Moreover, it comes with a small and compact size, making it easy to take on the go and stay in control of your Delta 8 experience no matter where you are.

In addition, our Delta 8 Syringe BDT offers a wide range of potential benefits. Many users report feeling mild euphoria, increased focus and creativity, and reduced anxiety and pain levels. 

All of our products are third-party lab-tested for potency, purity, and safety, so you can trust that you are getting the purest and most potent Delta 8 THC experience possible. Our 1ml Delta 8 Syringe BDT is also made using only natural ingredients and is free of any harmful chemicals or additives.

Don’t wait any longer to experience the wonders of Delta 8 Syringe BDT. Shop now and step up your cannabis game!

  • 1ml Delta 8 Syringe CDT (CO2 Extracted Terpenes)

Do you enjoy the productive experience of Delta 8? Then you might want to try our exciting addition, the 1ml Delta 8 Syringe CDT

Enhanced with the benefits of CO2-extracted terpenes, this product is specifically designed to deliver synergistic effects of cannabinoids and terpenes. The 1ml Delta 8 Syringe CDT is crafted perfectly with the latest technology, ensuring a potent, effective, and high-quality that you can truly appreciate.

We stand by the quality of our products, and every single syringe we offer is thoroughly tested and verified to ensure you get only the best of the best

Moreover, this Delta 8 syringe is incredibly user-friendly, meaning you don’t need to have any prior knowledge or experience to use it. Simply apply a drop to your vaporizer or add it to any food or beverage you like for the ultimate psychoactive journey. 

No matter the consumption method, the results are always the same, an unparalleled sense of relaxation, calmness, and happiness!

So whether you’re looking to relax after a long week at work, hoping to get a quality night’s sleep, or just aiming to enhance your wellness routine, our 1ml Delta 8 Syringe CDT is the perfect choice!

Try our 1ml Delta 8 Syringe CDT and experience the sensation of quality!

  • 1ml Delta 8 Syringe BDT – 5 Pack

Indulge in the relaxing potent experience of Delta 8 with our 1ml Delta 8 Syringe BDT – 5 Pack! This incredible product offers the perfect combination of convenience, potency, and ease of use, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to try Delta 8 for the first time, or experienced users seeking great value.

Each pack contains five 1ml syringes filled with Delta 8. Whether you’re an Indica fan or enjoy the uplifting effect of Sativa, we’ve got you covered. Choose between our selection of strains including Cereal Milk, Green Crack, Slurricane, Strawberry Caugh, and Granddaddy Purple. 

You can get five of your favorite strains or mix and match them and add a touch of adventure to your experience. With a total of 500mg of Delta 8 THC per pack, you’re equipped for multiple sessions ahead.

Our Delta 8 THC oil is made from top-quality, 100% natural hemp extract, and contains no synthetic additives or chemicals. It is rigorously tested for purity and efficiency, ensuring that each syringe is of the highest quality and provides a consistent and satisfying experience every time.

In addition, the 1ml Delta 8 Syringe BDT – 5 Pack is incredibly convenient and requires no tool or experience to handle. And if you enjoy taking your cannabis experience outdoors, the compact and discreet syringe design allows you to enjoy your Delta 8 anywhere, without drawing unwanted attention,

So why wait? Head over to our website, and don’t miss out on this amazing deal.

  • 1ml Delta 8 Syringe CDT (CO2 Extracted Terpenes) – 5 Pack

Are you tired of bland, boring, and ineffective Delta 8 products out there in the market? Look no further than our 1ml Delta 8 Syringe CDT (CO2 Extracted Terpenes) – 5 Pack!

Our 1ml Delta 8 Syringe CDT (CO2 Extracted Terpenes) – 5 Pack contains a 5% potent blend of CO2 extracted terpenes that have been specifically formulated to enhance the effects of Delta 8 in a smooth, flavorful, and reliable way.

Made with only the highest quality, lab-tested, and organic Delta 8 distillate, this syringe formula is one of the best available on the market today. 

We use the advanced CO2 extraction process to ensure that our terpenes retain their natural profiles. Not only are these terpenes high-quality, but they also provide a unique flavor without any harshness and bitterness that can come with other extraction methods. This results in an enjoyable experience that is sure to satisfy your mind and body.

Each syringe contains 1 ml of Delta 8 THC oil, providing a potent dose for experienced users. And with 5 packs, you can stock up on this premium syringe for an extended time. 

So, what are you waiting for? Give our 1ml Delta 8 Syringe CDT (CO2 Extracted Terpenes) – 5 Pack a try and see for yourself what the fuss is all about. Order now and join the many happy customers who have already tried and loved our product.

  • Delta 8 Distillate

Explore the wonderland of cannabis products with our Delta 8 Distillate! This product has undergone a rigorous process to extract the cannabinoid and remove any impurities, leaving only the highest quality concentration of Delta 8 THC. 

We use only the best organic hemp plants, and our extraction process is strictly monitored to ensure purity and potency. On top of that, our distillate is lab-tested so you can rest assured knowing you’re paying for a safe and quality product.

One of the biggest advantages of Delta 8 distillate is its unique versatility. Whether you prefer to smoke, vape, or enjoy a sweet edible, Delta 8 Distillate can be used in a variety of products suited to your preferences. 

Known for its clear-headed high, this product is ideal for those in search of a smooth and relaxing experience without the intense effects of Delta 9 products. This also makes it a great choice for medical users who need to stay alert while taking their daily dose of cannabinoids.

Wait no longer! Add Delta 8 Distillate to your card, and upgrade your cannabis experience!

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