Vape Pen Cartridge Has No Airflow? How To Fix A Clogged Cart

Vape Pen Cartridge Has No Airflow How To Fix A Clogged Cart

We’ve come a long way since the days when rolling a doobie was the only way to smoke weed. Many people now prefer to use a vape pen cartridge to get a cannabis fix. Cannabis vape pens are becoming more popular because they are easier to use and seem safer than smoking. Still, more advanced ways to inhale can lead to more complicated technical problems.

If you’ve ever pulled hard on your vape pen and found that there was no airflow, you’re not the only one who has ever experienced this problem. Luckily, figuring out why your vape’s airflow isn’t working isn’t too hard. Get to know about the most common problems with vape pen cartridges and how to fix them.

How to Recognize Common Vape Airflow Issues

If the light is turned on, but no one is home (i.e., the air isn’t flowing freely from your vape), several factors could be to blame:

A Vape Pen Cartridge That Has Become Clogged

Vape pen cartridges can get clogged when the tiny airflow holes become filled with oily residue after use. A simple solution is to remove the cartridge from the vape pen, get a needle, and gently poke the needle through the airflow holes to remove the oily residue. However, this isn’t always easy with disposable vape pen/cart combinations because the cartridge won’t come off unless you tinker with it.

If the clog isn’t caused by the airflow holes, something could be blocking the mouthpiece. Gently wrap a safety pin or something pointy around the mouthpiece to see if anything is obstructing airflow, and see if you can manually dislodge it.

You can avoid this by not overfilling the cart (you’ll notice this because “spit back” occurs when the cart is overfilled and hot droplets shoot out). Avoid leaving the device unplugged for too long.

Incorrect Airflow Configuration

The airflow setting is critical to ensuring that your oil flows freely. When filling a vape pen cartridge, make sure the airflow holes are completely closed. When using the vape pen, the airflow holes should be large enough so that you can inhale easily without having to force air in.

Excessive inhalation can cause flooding, which leads to leakage and airflow issues. Inhale slowly and let the coil’s wicks do the heavy lifting.

Excessive Twisting of the Vape Cartridge

Filling the cart and then tightly twisting it shut can cause the airflow holes to become blocked. When the airflow holes are in the threading area, you should not screw the cartridge too tight. The solution is to gently screw your cartridge back onto the vape battery.

The Viscosity of Oil

Although the oil’s viscosity is not directly related to airflow, oil viscosity issues are frequently misdiagnosed as airflow issues. Different oils and concentrates have different viscosities and thicker oils take longer to warm up. We recommend you preheat the device for a few seconds before taking a hit. 

Chilly days can cause slightly thicker oil viscosity in the vape, the same as what happens when you refrigerate maple syrup. Allow some time for the oil to warm up before beginning to pull the vapor.

Chamber Flooding

When vape carts sit for an extended period, chamber flooding occurs. At room temperature, Delta 8 THC distillate thickens. The distillate settles to the bottom of the cart over time, oversaturating the wick and “drowning” the coil. When this happens, the heating element (the coil) struggles to reach temperature and effectively vaporize the liquid.

If your vape isn’t producing enough vapor or isn’t hitting properly, you’ll notice this problem. When you go to take a hit, you might get a fowl burnt taste and smell. If you notice a burning odor or taste, stop vaping immediately. Continued heating of a saturated wick can result in permanent damage, rendering the cart and its contents inoperable.

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How to Avoid Clogging in Your Vape Cart

The best ways to prevent each issue vary, but using the following strategies should lessen your chances of condensation buildup and chamber flooding. Make the most of each vape cart by using these methods to enhance your vaping experience, lessen frustration, and improve your vaping satisfaction.

Preventing Condensation Buildup

Condensation buildup can be avoided easily. For this, you’ll need to establish a strict routine to ensure you get the best results from your vape.

  • Take Smaller Hits

Your usage is the first step. The likelihood of condensation buildup is significantly decreased by keeping your hits under three seconds. To allow the mouthpiece to clear effectively, take more frequent smaller hits rather than fewer larger ones.

Less time is spent in the mouthpiece with smaller vape hits. Because the cooler mouthpiece isn’t exposed to warm moisture for long enough to condense, the likelihood of condensation buildup is reduced.

  • Take “Dry” Hits

Clearing the mouthpiece before each hit is the second step in preventing condensation buildup. Before heating the coil to create vapor, take a “dry hit” on the cart. Without starting it up, pulling the cart first lets any moisture escape before the vapor enters. Just be careful not to push the cart too far while the vape is not lit. This could fill the chamber with water and soak the wick.

  • Clean the Mouthpiece

The final method of prevention is to routinely wipe the mouthpiece with a small cotton pad or Q-Tip. While doing this after each hit is unnecessary, doing it once in a while keeps the cart clean and free of clogs.

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Preventing Chamber Flooding

You must use your vape carefully to avoid chamber flooding. We can prevent chamber flooding by focusing on its primary cause: leaving a full cart idle for extended periods. Here are some actions you can take to keep your coil and wick from becoming saturated.

  • Vape Every Couple of Days

With a cart full of Delta 8 THC, avoid leaving your vape at room temperature for extended periods. Once you start using the cart, try to hit the vape once every other day or so to prevent the chamber from flooding. The likelihood of the wick and coil oversaturating increases the longer a primed cart is left idle.

  • Make Sure It Isn’t Primed

If you won’t hit the cart every few days or need to store it for a while, make sure it isn’t primed. A primed cart shouldn’t be kept inactive for more than a week. To prevent deterioration, make sure it is unplugged from the pen and stored in a cool, dark location.

  • Take Smaller Hits

Similar to condensation buildup, how you hit your vape is crucial in lowering the likelihood of chamber flooding. The wick and coil in your vape cart may become overloaded if you take frequent, heavy, and strong hits.

If you press down too hard on your vape, the coil may have trouble vaporizing the liquid quickly enough to be inhaled. It may result in the coil flooding and the wick becoming saturated. Make sure to take small, swift blows instead of big, heavy ones.

  • Check for Leaks

Your vape cart may occasionally become loose, causing air leakage. For the cart to function properly, it must be totally airtight. Make sure your cart is completely tightened before use because even a tiny leak can quickly flood the chamber. If you use a refillable cart, this is especially crucial.

Incorrect filling of a refillable vape cartridge can result in chamber flooding. Make sure you don’t spill any vape juice inside your tank’s open center tube. If you do, it will immediately result in a chamber being flooded.

Flooding in the chamber can also result from overpriming your wick. Saturate the wick on a new vape cart before using it by drawing vape juice through it without lighting it. The wick will burn if you pull through the insufficient liquid, and the chamber will flood if you pull through too much.

  • Store Your Vape in an Upright Position

If you intend to keep your vape in storage for an extended period, this is especially crucial. The reservoir’s contents could slowly leak into the element if the device were left upside down, clogging it. You can completely avoid this by keeping the pen upright and the mouthpiece on top of the pen.

How to Troubleshoot When Your Cartridge Has No Airflow

Your voltage, wattage, or temperature setting may frequently cause your vape cartridge’s failure to produce vapor. Make sure to adhere to the voltage, wattage, and temperature settings suggested by the cartridge and concentrate manufacturer.

If your wattage is too low, it’s possible that the wick isn’t supplying the concentrate to the vape quickly enough. If you’re using a vape with variable wattage, you can resolve this problem by increasing the wattage.

How Do I Clear My Clogged Vape Cartridge?

If you have verified that the airflow problem is unrelated to voltage, wattage, or temperature settings, then you may have a clogged vape pen cartridge. Here’s what to do to fix clogged vape cartridges.

Find the airflow openings and check if the holes are open. If they are clogged with residue, use a needle or other similar object to clean them gently. See if the vape pen’s other parts are blocking the holes. Usually, it’s by the cart itself. Try assembling your vape without obstructing the airflow holes.

The Qualities of a Good Cartridge

Make sure the cartridge is outfitted with cutting-edge technology if you want one that won’t clog. Here’s what to look for when finding a good cartridge.

A Highly Porous Ceramic Core

A highly porous ceramic core allows every oil particle to absorb into the heating element, whether the oil is particularly viscous or not. Different kinds of oil can easily permeate the entire surface of the structure thanks to this core type. In other words, an absorbent, ceramic core distributes oil content evenly so that every drop is converted to vapor.

Numerous conventional heaters and atomizers rely on close contact with plenty of oil. In other words, the atomizer might become overloaded while trying to produce vapor. You can avoid this typical vaporization bottleneck by selecting a highly porous ceramic core cartridge.

Not all ceramic heating cores available on the market are created equally. Find heating cores that are made from the best materials available, evenly distributed, and flawlessly porous.

Good Coil Structure

Numerous vape pens feature straightforward designs that frequently produce harsh vapor, diminished flavor, small vape clouds, and clogged vapes. Look for a special, patented coil structure with a proprietary ceramic heating core that receives even heating throughout and is designed to handle any oil under any circumstance.

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How do you unclog a pen cart?

It might be as easy as removing the cart from your battery and using a paperclip, floss pick, or alcohol wipe to gently remove any obvious clumps of leftover oil or other obstructions. Just look for any “air holes” that are readily apparent, like the mouthpiece, and carefully clean them.

How do I fix the airflow in my vape?

Reduce your airflow because flooding is encouraged by exhaling too forcefully while vaping, which literally draws more e-juice into the chamber. It’s simple to fix this: inhale more slowly and let the coil and wicking work for you. Try lowering your airflow setting if your problems persist.

Why is my vape cart clogged?

The interaction between oil and internal and external temperatures is one of the primary causes of clogging in vape pens. Oil in a cartridge is susceptible to becoming runny in warm weather. As an alternative, colder temperatures cause a cartridge’s oil to thicken. Each of these temperature extremes has the potential to suddenly clog your vape pen’s airflow.

What to do if the cartridge is not hitting?

The cartridge’s holes might be blocked by oil. To warm up the oil and alter its viscosity, try using a hair dryer on the lowest heat setting or warming the cartridge between your hands. To help unclog it, you can also gently insert a toothpick or safety pin into the hole.

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