CBN Isolate: A Breakdown of the Benefits

Cbn Isolate A Breakdown Of The Benefits

Since the legalization of hemp-derived products in 2018, the American cannabis market has been thriving exceptionally. From CBD tinctures, and full spectrum oil, to CBN isolate, and Delta-8 gummies, shelves are filled with products that promise beneficial effects.

But while CBD products are quite well-known among people, unfortunately, not many are familiar with the lesser-known sibling, CBN. But what is CBN? What benefits does it carry? And, how is it different from other cannabinoids?

In this article, we’ll dig deep into one of our all-time favorites, CBN isolate, and we learn how it can help you improve your health. 

But First, What is CBN?

If you’re following health trends or you’re interested in cannabis products, you’re probably well familiar with cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). And while these two are the most renowned cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, they’re not the only ones.

In fact, scientists have found over 200 different substances in this plant, each with its own unique features. Cannabinol, best known as CBN, is a chemical compound found mostly in Cannabis Sativa or hemp plants.

CBN concentration in hemp is estimated to be around one percent, which is quite insignificant. However, this substance is best found in old cannabis flowers, which have been exposed to heat and air for a long time. 

During the exposure, THC oxidizes and forms CBN. That said, this compound does not have the intoxicating effects of THC. To learn more about this cannabinoid, check out our post, What Is CBN? All You Need to Know.


CBD and CBN are two beneficial cannabinoids in cannabis. And while both are used widely for medical purposes, they have different chemical structures. 

Unlike CBN, CBD is found abundantly in hemp and doesn’t come from any other substances. Additionally, cannabis strains can be manipulated to increase CBD concentration, while the same is not true for CBN. 

Over the past couple of years, hundreds of studies have been examining the effects of CBD, providing us with a fairly thorough knowledge of this substance. Scientists believe that CBD can improve mental disorders, reduce pain, enhance sleep quality, increase energy levels, help epilepsy symptoms, and more.

But unfortunately, the body of research examining CBN is quite thin, and there’s a lot we don’t know about it yet. 

How Does CBN Work?

Similar to most other cannabinoids, CBN affects your body by interacting with CB1 and CB2 receptors. As a part of the endocannabinoid system (ECS), these receptors have essential roles in the central nervous system and help the body to respond to various stimuli. 

That said, different factors can decrease the functionality of the endocannabinoid system, leaving us with different medical conditions. As we consume CBN, the cannabinoids bind to the receptors, helping this system to work more efficiently. 

Studies show that cannabinol can interact with CB2 receptors more effectively than CBD and THC, delivering multiple benefits, especially for our immune system.

What Is CBD Isolate?

CBN isolate is a pure CBN extract derived from hemp plants. Through several chemical processes, all other substances including terpenes, and flavonoids are removed, forming a 99.9 percent pure CBN extract.

CBN can only be produced in isolated form. However, isolates can be later added to other cannabinoids and chemicals, producing topicals, edibles, tinctures, and more.

CBN is usually made synthetically, converting CBDa to CBNa, which is later made to CBN. This is the most cost-effective method for producing CBN, and it accounts for the majority of CBN isolate products available in the market. On this topic, you can read more on our blog, CBN Isolate Review.

The Benefits of CBN Isolate 

Generally, people use CBN for medical purposes. However, as it produces a very mild high, it can be used for recreational purposes as well. The effects include a potent calming sensation that offers relief all throughout your body.

As mentioned before, the studies regarding the benefits of cannabinol are in the early stages. However, preliminary research suggests that CBN can be effective for multiple medical conditions. Here are some of the benefits associated with this cannabinoid:

Reducing Stress

Cannabis Sativa is known for its potent sedative effects. One of the main cannabinoids delivering this effect is cannabinol. CBN isolate offers a strong relaxing state that helps you recover from a long week of work and stress.

Additionally, this can benefit those struggling with anxiety disorders, alcohol withdrawal, and muscle spasms. A 5-mg dose of CBN isolate can offer the effects of a much higher dose of Valium.

Enhancing Sleep Quality 

Do you spend your nights staring at the ceiling, hoping for sleep to take you over? Or maybe you sleep easy, but you wake up feeling tired, and drained of energy? If so, CBN isolate can be a great alternative.

This plant-based product offers potent calming effects, which help you leave all your problems behind and enjoy a night of quality sleep. For best results, you can mix CBN isolate with CBD, or use combined products, and enjoy even better sleep. 

To learn more about the effects of CBN on sleep, check out our post, CBN for Sleep: Is CBN Distillate The Best Cannabinoid Product for Sleep?

Relieving Pain

Whether it’s arthritis and inflammation or caused by surgery, or injuries, you probably have experienced severe pain throughout your life. And you know the frustrating feeling when medications no longer work and there seems to be no relief.

The good news is CBN isolate might be the answer. Affecting pain signals, Cannabinol reduces pain and offers relief. For best results, use tropical products, be generous, and slowly massage them onto your painful spot. 

Improving Appetite 

While CBD is known to suppress appetite and help weight loss, CBN can improve it and help those suffering from eating disorders. CBN interacts with the endocannabinoid system, which is effective in appetite, and metabolism.

Subsequently, it can work as an appetite stimulant, allowing you to appreciate food better. This is also quite beneficial for cancer patients who struggle with chemotherapy side effects such as loss of appetite.

Reducing Glaucoma Symptoms 

Glaucoma is a medical condition that damages the optic nerve of the eyes causing blindness. In a study conducted by InMed Pharmaceuticals, researchers found that using CBN topicals can lower the pressure on the eye caused by Glaucoma.

Additionally, researchers found that CBN isolate can protect nerve cells, and reduce natural cell death. In this study, CBD, and THC were also examined but didn’t prove the same effects.

Improving Skin Conditions

CBN has been shown to be effective for multiple skin problems including epidermolysis bullosa which causes the skin to blister. Although studies are at the early stages, researchers of InMed Pharmaceuticals argue that CBN isolate can improve skin condition, and it is well-tolerated on normal and sensitive skin.

Moreover, CBN has anti-inflammatory effects which can be effective for wounds that haven’t been healed due to inflammation. Wounds can be quite sensitive, so if you’re trying CBN on them, make sure to talk to a doctor first, and ask for recommended dosage and method. 

Fighting Cancer 

Preliminary studies show promising effects of CBN on cancer cells. Scientists are now researching the effects of this cannabinoid to prevent cancer cell growth and lower its speed. 

Moreover, in a study examining the effects of cannabinoids on tumors, CBN proved to be effective in reducing the size of the tumor. However, more large-scale human studies are necessary to prove this. 

CBD Products And How to Use Them

Due to the low concentration of CBN in cannabis, and the relatively difficult process of synthesizing it, the variety of CBN products is not considerable. Nevertheless, for those who want to incorporate this cannabinoid into their routine, there are multiple ways:

CBN Tincture 

Tinctures are among the most popular ways to use cannabinoids. You can use these products sublingually, or add them to your food, and drink, and enjoy your homemade edible. 

CBN tinctures are mainly made by combining the two beneficial products, CBN isolate, and full spectrum CBD. Thus, a few drops of these tinctures will offer a full range of benefits including quality sleep, pain relief, sexual health, enhanced mood, and more.


If you’re using CBN isolate for your aching muscle, oils are a great option. These products are made using highly pure isolates, combined with other beneficial chemicals. For topical purposes, slowly massage the oil in the painful spot, and wait for the cannabinoid to absorb.

CBN Gummies 

Health supplement doesn’t always have to be bitter and boring, and CBD gummies are great proof of that. These edibles are your all-time favorite snack infused with CBN isolate and other beneficial ingredients.

Choose your favorite flavor, have one or two, and enjoy the deep relaxing sensation. Note that most companies use animal products in their edibles. So if you’re vegan, check the packaging and ingredient list first and make sure it is compatible with your diet. 

CBN Vapes 

Smoking is the classic way to enjoy cannabis. But unfortunately, CBN flower is not commonly found in the market yet. Nevertheless, if you’re a smoking fan, you can take advantage of the second-best thing, vapes.

Disposable vape pens offer quick effects and are a great option for times you look for fast pain relief. Simply inhale through the mouthpiece, and let the cannabinoids absorb. Once the CBN oil is finished, you can throw it away, and get a new one. 

CBN Capsules 

If you’re using CBN for medical purposes, it’s important to measure your doses correctly. To do so, capsules can be a great help. These edibles are popular for their ease of use, and precise dosing. 

CBN capsules often contain CBD as well, offering additional benefits. Note that the casing of the capsule contains gelatin which should not be used by vegans. 

Check out Harbor City Hemp CBN Products for a selection of premium products.

Why Choose CBN Isolate?

Containing over 99 percent CBN, these products are the purest cannabinoid extracts you can find. This ensures a potent experience that helps improve your mental and physical health.

And even if you wish to give some variety to your CBN consumption, isolates can be easily combined with other products. Blend it with your tea, or salad, or use it with other hemp-derived products. 

Companies usually use CBN isolate in their products to enhance the sedative effects, and increase the potency. For a top-notch experience with CBN, check out Harbor City Hemp CBN Isolate.

Risks and Side Effects 

When it comes to the risks and side effects of CBN, our knowledge is just as limited as it was with benefits. That said, so far no serious side effects have been reported. 

Medical experts believe that high doses of CBN can cause drowsiness. Due to its strong sedative effects, CBN isolate should not be used during the day. Moreover, anecdotal evidence shows that CBN can appear positive on drug tests.

CBN may also cause negative interactions with other pharmaceutical drugs. So if you’re using any medication, or have a medical history, talk to a doctor before consuming any CBN product.

Additionally, CBN can be dangerous for babies’ development. Thus, pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid products containing CBN.

Where to Buy CBN Isolate?

Although CBN is not as available as other cannabinoids are, you can still find different forms and brands of this substance. That said, not all products offer the quality and potency you’re looking for. 

Whether you’re shopping from an online dispensary or a local store, always ask for their CBN source. Hemp plants absorb all the substances in their environment. So if they’re grown in nutritious soil, the extracted CBN is also more beneficial. 

Another important factor is the Certificate of analysis (COA). This document clarifies all the substances used in the products and potential contamination. Additionally, make sure that the products are tested in a third-party lab with no affiliation with the manufacturers.

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A Few Last Words

For thousands of years, humans have been using cannabis for medical and recreational purposes. Cannabinoids of this plant offer multiple benefits that can improve our general well-being. 

CBN isolate is a highly purified extract that can help with several medical conditions including glaucoma, cancer, inflammation, chronic pain, anxiety, and more. However, studies regarding this substance are yet in the early stages, and more is to be discovered.

CBN isolate can be highly sedative, so be careful with the dosage, and start small. For optimal results, consult a health provider in advance, and ask for the best method, and dose.

CBN Isolate FAQ

What is CBN isolate good for?

There are not many scientific studies regarding the benefits of CBN, and the existing ones are either on animals or inconclusive. However, anecdotal reports and preliminary research suggests that CBN is effective for multiple medical conditions.CBN isolate offers potent sedative effects, allowing you to relax and leave all your problems behind. Additionally, these effects can help individuals with sleep problems. A small dose of CBN isolates before bed can guarantee quality sleep. CBN can also be effective for inflammatory pain, skin conditions, and glaucoma.

What is the difference between CBN isolate and distillate?

Isolate and distillate are CBN extracts with high cannabinol concentrations. However, CBN isolate contains only CBN, making it the purest form of this cannabinoid. Distillate, on the other hand, contains about 70 to 85 percent CBN and includes other cannabinoids, terpene, and chemicals to enhance the benefits. 

What effects does CBN have on the brain?

In 2022, the journal Free Radical Biology and Medicine published a study discussing the effects of CBN on brain health. The researchers found that CBN can prevent oxidative damage and cell death which are leading causes beyond Alzheimer’s and dementia. 

How effective is CBN for sleep?

Unfortunately, there are no large-scale human studies examining the effects of CBN on sleep. However, animal studies suggest that CBN isolate is a powerful sedative, helping you relax, and get ready for a night of quality sleep. For best results, experts suggest using CBN products combined with THC, and CBD. If you’re taking CBN for sleep, make sure to take them at least 30 minutes before bed. 

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