Best Cannabinoids For Staying Productive At Work

Best Cannabinoids For Staying Productive At Work

As cannabis becomes legal in more places, cannabis users are becoming increasingly aware of how the plant’s components affect productivity. Many strains have helped users stay focused and be more creative.

So, how does using cannabis affect your productivity? This blog will tackle all the cannabinoids that may affect your efficiency at work, strains for productivity, and other tips that contribute to your productivity.

How Do Cannabis Strains Affect Productivity?

Have you ever felt like sometimes it is hard to get things done for some reason? Either you have been doing the task for a very long time, or you are just distracted by other things. Sometimes, being unproductive is also because of unhealthy lifestyles or lack of happiness with your life and work. In other words, your productivity depends on more than just the tasks you have to do.

One study found that older people’s productivity rates went up after recreational and medical cannabis became legal in most parts of the United States and Canada. In addition, the number of adults between the ages of 40 and 62 who worked went up.

However, it is also vital to note that higher doses of THC tend to make people less productive. Also, using cannabis products regularly and abusing them can produce adverse side effects that will affect your productivity and creativity.

Cannabis In Encouraging Creativity And Productivity

Your chosen methods of using cannabis and the products you use are two of the most critical factors that may affect your level of productivity. The best way to figure out what will work best for you, in the long run is to take things slowly. This will put you in a place where it will be easier to find a balanced area.

After working your way up and finding your “sweet spot,” you might be less distracted and think of more creative ideas. The reason for this is cannabis and how it might affect a person’s ability to develop new ideas. This is where convergent and divergent thinking comes in.

The idea of convergent and divergent thinking is related to our semantic memory, which is the vast majority of the information we have learned as we go through life. Think about how many songs you can remember from childhood, how many capital cities you can name, or how well you can balance an equation. These are all examples of your semantic memory in action.

One study published in the National Library of Medicine seems to connect the familiar feeling of cannabis to the idea of semantic memory. In the study, 36 people were tested while they were high on weed and again after they stopped using it. Also, 38 people who were not drunk took part in the study as controls.

The participants were tested on how well they could remember information from their semantic memory and how well they could make connections with other topics. The study showed that people who had used cannabis were better able to make connections between thoughts and ideas that they would not have made otherwise.

Divergent thinking is when people have different ways of thinking. Think again about those math problems and the capital cities. Think of a capital city and observe the first things that come to mind. If images of streets, homes of nearby people, and elementary school hallways come to mind, it’s more likely that you’re using convergent thinking.

But if the thought of your capital city makes you wonder about pirates and sea passage, your thinking may be more like a divergent model of thought. When you give yourself the task of using divergent thinking with cannabis or cannabinoids, you can make connections between ideas that would not be obvious in any other situation. Or, simply speaking, it makes you more creative.

How To Increase Productivity

When it comes to improving your productivity or creativity, it is vital to understand the structures and processes of creative thinking. The important step in being productive is to encourage the creative process. This could affect you similarly to how cannabinoids change the way you think. Generally, there are four stages to the creative process:


Preparing to be creative means giving yourself the time, space, and materials you need to get into a creative state. This means getting as much information as possible about the task at hand. 


The next step is incubation, where ideas start to float around and take shape. When you watch a lot of movies, read a lot of articles, or listen to all of the newest music, you may find that you are filled with inspiration. There may be a few loose connections or ideas that you want to look into, but the ideas are not ready yet.

You can move on to this step of the creative process by putting yourself in a position to research and think deeply about your final goals.


In the creative process, the moment of illumination is the spark that starts the creative process. Some people feel like they are chasing a white rabbit when searching for answers, especially when looking into complex topics.

The illumination process might help you get closer to solving a problem or perfecting an idea. The moment could come out of nowhere and happen at any time. Cannabinoids may be a big part of getting to that moment. You can keep track of the process by making notes when you have a great idea and taking a picture of the moment.

Verifying and Integrating

The last step in the creative process is called verifying and integrating. Of course, not every idea is brilliant on the first try. But when you start to figure out pieces of the code during the illumination phase, you can start to put together ideas that can be used to reach your ultimate goals.

For instance, writing a book or composing a symphony takes a lot of practice and dedication to the creative process. At this point, you need to look at your ideas critically to see if they are worthwhile and to figure out how they fit into the bigger picture.

Harbor City Hemp Cannabinoids

Best Cannabinoids To Increase Productivity

As you repeat the creative process and develop your ideas, you will eventually learn how to put together great sentences, play a chord, or use previous knowledge in a project. Cannabinoids can potentially be involved in several different parts of the creative process.

You can check out various hemp products made from the most potent and effective cannabinoids here. They might also help you with divergent thinking, a part of the creative process that can lead to more great ideas. Divergent thinking will help you come up with as many unique ideas and points of view as possible, which will benefit you.

If you want to get more productive and creative, consider trying these efficient cannabinoids:

Delta 8 THC

Delta 8 THC is identical to Delta 9 THC but delivers a milder feeling. It is perfect for people who find that some weed strains make them feel too high. The only catch is that you can’t take it in large quantities, or it will leave you feeling foggy. Check out Delta 8 THC products for productivity here.

Delta 9 THC

The psychoactive effects of cannabis strains are caused by a cannabinoid called Delta 9 THC. It is excellent for coming up with new ideas or encouraging creativity, but it can be too much. So, if you want to be productive instead of stuck on the couch, it is best to stick with low to moderate doses. Check out Delta 9 THC products for productivity here.

Delta 10 THC

Delta 10 is another isomer of the number 9. This means that the two are very similar to each other. However, Delta 8 and 9 make you feel more relaxed and give you time to think.


CBG stimulates your adrenergic receptors, which gives it an effect similar to coffee but on a smaller scale. Unlike the other cannabinoids, CBG won’t get you high and probably won’t put you to sleep if you take too much of it. Check out CBG products for productivity here.


CBD is one of the cannabis products that has gotten the most attention and praise in recent years and is now widely available on the market. It has no psychoactive effects but has various potential health benefits. Check out CBD products for productivity here.


HHC is one of the less well-known cannabinoids but also one of the unique ones. People who use it say that it makes them feel more “intelligent,” but there haven’t been many studies on this effect. Check out HHC products for productivity here.


Compared to the molecules of other cannabinoids, the molecules of THCV have their own effects. Even though it has some effects similar to those of Delta 9, it is less intoxicating overall, and some users say it makes them feel more awake.

Best Cannabis Strains For Productivity

One of the most common adverse side effects of medical marijuana treatment is a lack of motivation that comes with high-potency strains. A potent strain may be great for managing chronic pain or nausea, but they often make users feel like they can’t move or are too tired to do anything.

High-potency cannabis strains can help manage chronic stress or even relieve anxiety. But keep in mind that there is a plethora of cannabis strains with varying amounts of cannabinoids and terpenes.

If you are looking for the perfect strain for you, we have listed down some of the best strains for productivity. Each of these strains will make you feel motivated and ready to take on the day and give you some relief from the symptoms of your condition.

White Buffalo

This classic Sativa strain provides a clear-headed high and energy boost at the same time. It has a light smell and a flavor with hints of sweetness and earthiness. White Buffalo is an excellent choice for daytime use because it will keep you awake without being too stimulating. This strain is a great choice if you want to try something that won’t make you feel scared or paranoid.

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel became popular quickly because it smells like diesel fuel and gives you energy like your morning coffee. Sometimes, the stimulating effects of Sour Diesel can provide a person with enough energy to make their heart beat faster, which some people with anxiety might find unsettling. Sour Diesel is an excellent way to get the energetic feeling and uplifting effects you aim for.

Super Lemon Haze

This strain, which is a cross between Super Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk, makes you feel energetic without making you fidgety. The dank sweetness and tangy citrus taste of Super Lemon Haze give you a cerebral high and stimulate you without making you feel stressed.

Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze is a cerebral strain with a great smell and a wide range of flavors, including sweet and spicy ones. You get a powerful and energizing head high when you smoke one. It might become your favorite strain if you want to feel long waves of happiness accompanied by mildly relaxing and stress-relieving effects, getting you in the mood to work as hard as you can.

Jack Herer

Jack Herer produces a high that lasts a long time and gives you a lot of mental and physical energy. A cross between Haze and Red Skunk, these hybrid strains are potent and ideal to use as medical cannabis. Jack Herer is a great pain reliever that also makes you feel calm.


Chem D is a powerful Sativa dominant strain and has a whopping 20% of the psychoactive compound THC. Its terpene profile gives off an energizing smell with pepper and citrus notes. My favorite buds have fruity tastes and smells, and this one hits the spot with its almost lemony-gasoline smell.

Even though Chem D’s origins are unknown or at least mysterious, its effects on the users are well known. The high from this strain is upbeat and creative. The high from ChemDawg can make you quite productive if you work from home or online and no one is around to judge you.

Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough is the right strain for you if you love the taste and smell of berries. The THC level is close to 18%, making you feel alert and ready to take on the day. On the other hand, it seems to give you the energy you need to get through a long, dull day. It is best for people who work from home and need to be able to think clearly and organize their thoughts. This one is also great for socializing, especially if you like to do outdoor activities that require a lot of energy, like rock climbing or mountain biking.

Mango Kush

Mango Kush is one of the most popular strains on the list. It is known for giving users a quick boost of energy. Even though its THC content ranges from 11 to 20%, the high it gives is pretty good. This strain is usually used in the evening, but you might want to try it in the late afternoon if you’re feeling tired because it will help you feel more awake. It should give you a rush of excitement and energy as soon as you take it.

If you want to use Mango Kush, timing is critical, so make sure you do it right. If you take it too early in the day, it could make you sleepy at work. It is well known that Mango Kush is an excellent strain for managing chronic pain, stress, and anxiety. The high will help you relax and unwind as soon as you finish all your tasks for the day.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a great strain for those who can’t move forward because of stress and a lack of creativity. It has a calming effect on the body, adding to the well-rounded and satisfying high people who use cannabis are looking for. This strain smells and tastes strongly of blueberries, which is fitting given its name. On the other hand, it has no blue at all in its appearance. Instead, it has green buds covered in trichomes and yellow-orange pistils.


Even though THC-rich strains of cannabis are great for boosting energy, they are not always the best choice for people who have trouble with anxiety. Harlequin is a strain of marijuana known for having high levels of the cannabinoid CBD. Since CBD is well-known for its anti-inflammatory effects, this strain of cannabis is one of the best for medical patients with chronic pain.

Since Harlequin has a low percentage of THC, it won’t get you very high and will let you focus on the tasks at hand without affecting your judgment. Unlike most others on our list, this strain won’t get your heart racing, but it will help you focus and calm down.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Indica or Sativa make you productive?

When it comes to productivity, a pure Sativa or Sativa dominant hybrid strain is ideal. This is because you will feel tired after using Indica strains, which won’t really help you focus or get much done. Sativa strains generally have more THC, helping you keep your energy, motivation, and productivity at significant levels.

However, Indica strains are also ideal for those who can’t focus on their work due to pain and other medical symptoms. This is because Indicas, especially those with high CBN concentrations, can provide body-oriented effects such as pain and inflammation relief.

Which cannabinoids are most potent?

The cannabinoid called Delta 9 THC is the one that gets you high the most. Even though THC is the cannabinoid that makes people feel “high,” research suggests that CBD may also be able to help relieve various symptoms of common illnesses and conditions such as stress, anxiety, and pain. Nevertheless, every cannabinoid has the potential to become potent depending on the dosage you have taken.

How do you stay productive when high?

To get the most out of your euphoric state and the time you have set aside to get things done, it is essential to keep your dosage under control. If you do not have it, you’re more likely to just make a smell without feeling anything or lie on the couch all day. Regardless of the strains you use, always remember that less is more.

It would be best to get back to work after using cannabis and do everything you can to keep moving forward throughout the day.

Is Sativa better for work?

Cannabis does not always make people more productive. However, some strains can prevent you from feeling tired, while others are effective in relieving pain or anxiety. Most say that almost pure Sativa strains like Durban Poison and Green Crack help them focus better. Other strains, like those that help with pain or anxiety, help them get past the things that would otherwise get in the way of their work, like pain and distractions.


Cannabinoids, when used responsibly, can help you be more creative. Studies have shown that using them can stimulate the parts of your brain responsible for developing new ideas and finding new ways to combine old ideas.

You now know that cannabis might be able to help you improve your performance, stay focused, and stay motivated. Research on the link between using cannabis and being more productive is still in its early stages. Nevertheless, you can try replacing your morning cup of coffee with one of these trains and products mentioned above for the same stimulating effects.Check out the Harbor City Hemp Discount Program for a chance to get up to 30% discounts when you purchase the best cannabis products to help you with your productivity!

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