A Guide to Concentrate Vaporizers

A Guide To Concentrate Vaporizers

Concentrates have taken off as users with all levels of experience begin to appreciate the benefits of the high-quality extracts. Smokers have been using cannabis concentrate for years now, but thanks to new technology and increased variety, more people have shifted away from combustion.

It is not to say that vaping is a better option than smoking. Nevertheless, due to its several advantages, many are now considering it as a viable alternative to smoking. Whether you prefer to shatter and wax, or you enjoy vaping live resin, concentrate vaporizers offer a convenient experience.

But what is a concentrate vaporizer exactly? How does it work? And, why do you need to give it a shot?

If you’re thinking about using concentrate vapes, this guide can be of great help. In this article, we discuss these handy devices and how you can use them for the best results.

What Is a Concentrate Vaporizer?

Concentrate vaporizers were first introduced to the market in 2009. Since then, these products have progressed significantly, offering more options and control over vaping by the day. 

As the name itself suggests, concentrate vaporizers are vaping devices designed specifically to vape cannabis extracts. However, if you have experience working with dry herb vaporizers, or E-liquids, these vapes are quite similar.

That said, trying to vape a concentrate on loose-leaf vaporizers can harm your device. Consuming extracts requires using specific tools or accessories that are not included in other vapes. 

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How Do Concentrate Vaporizers Work?

Every year, companies release new vaporizer models, offering exciting features. And while every vape varies in its components and options, the majority make use of the same materials and procedures.

The battery, the atomizer (heating compartment), and the mouthpiece are the three main parts of all concentrate pens. Since these parts are threaded, they can be easily connected and disconnected from one another by a simple twist.

Most vaporizers contain a chamber, or oven, where you pack your material. While some concentrate vaporizers enable direct loading, others demand using accessories such as concentrate pad or insert. 

Additionally, some older versions use oil-filled screw-in cartridges or click-in capsules. After loading your chamber, the atomizer warms the substance to a set temperature which boils the concentrate and creates vapor. 

The two main methods for heating are conduction and convection.  

Conduction Heating

Conduction heating refers to the process of boiling the material using direct heat. Some vaporizers employ a heating surface to only warm the material, while others heat up the entire chamber. When the concentrate reaches the desired temperature, the active compounds turn to vapor, which then you can inhale through the mouthpiece.

Convection Heating

Convection heating, on the other hand, occurs when the extract is indirectly vaporized relying on the force of hot air. In this method, the air surrounding the heating element becomes warmer. The hot air is driven into the oven and over the concentrate, vaporizing the material as it passes.

Different Models of Concentrate Vaporizers 

There is a wide range of concentrate vaporizers available in different sizes and models. Portable vaporizers, the most popular vapes in the market, include diverse features and cool designs, offering advanced customization and unparalleled portability.

Now if you like your vaping session clean and quick, cartridges and pod vapes are a go-to. These devices use pre-filled containers, delivering a super convenient experience.

Last but not least, there are powerful, stationary desktop vaporizers, which offer a wide range of features and temperature settings for all vaping lovers. Based on your preference, and where you wish to have your session, you can decide which style of vape is best for you.

Portable Vaporizers

If you enjoy vaping on the go, you need a small and lightweight device that can be carried in a purse or backpack. Depending on the brand, and the device, portable vaporizers offer multiple options without sacrificing mobility and flexibility.

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Cartridge Vaporizers 

Cartridge Vaporizers are the classic way to vape concentrate. Using these devices, you’ll get rid of the messy process of packing extracts once and for all. Cartridges offer a premium experience and exceptional ease of use, for both experienced and new vapers.

These concentrate vaporizers use screw-in cartridges and are compatible with most standard 510-thread batteries. Additionally, you can find a huge selection of cannabis extracts fit for cartridge vapes. 

Pod Vaporizers 

Pod vapes are a more user-friendly version of cartridge vaporizers. These devices use a pod that holds the oil and clicks in and out of the vaporizer. Today, you can find smart and leak-proof models that offer a super easy vaping experience.

On top of that, pod vapes come in a more ergonomic shape for an easy grip. You can find these devices in pre-filled and refillable versions.

Desktop Vaporizers

For cannabis lovers who enjoy a professional vaping session, desktop vaporizers are a great alternative. Unlike other models, these concentrated vaporizers are stationary and rather huge. That said, they offer more options and control over vaping experience.

Most desktop vaporizers contain a tube called a whip that delivers vapor. There are many different desktop vapes available in the market that differ in design, and setting. Some desktop vaporizers collect the vapor in a balloon bag, while others have an attached mouthpiece to inhale.

The Benefits of Concentrate Vaporizers

Concentrates, or dabs, whichever you want to call them are small but highly potent concentrations of active compounds found in cannabis. Thus, a small amount of these extracts can hit a few times harder than your regular weed roll.

For this reason, concentrates are a great option for those who seek relief from this beneficial plant. If you’re struggling with a medical condition, a few puffs of the concentrate vaporizer are sure to provide strong effects that can help you relax.

Additionally, for recreational users who enjoy their vaping sessions to be strong, concentrates can be the answer. Some extracts such as rosin and shatter come with 80 percent purity, offering a memorable experience.

What’s more, studies show that smoking burns a great number of beneficial substances, wasting your valuable material. On top of that, toxins and carcinogens of smoke can cause serious ailments in the long term. 

By keeping the heat at an ideal temperature, vapes allow you to enjoy the fine aroma, and flavor of your cannabis strain, without so many risks of smoking.

And if you don’t like dragging attention to yourself while enjoying your cannabis, concentrate vaporizers are your go-to. Portable and pod vapes allow you to have a discreet vaping session without the visible gay cloud, and pungent smell of smoke.

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Different Types of Concentrates 

There are different kinds of concentrates each coming with its own unique features. Depending on your preference, your requirements, and your vaporizers, choose your favorite, and enjoy the potent experience that is to come. 

Here are the main types of concentrates available in the market:


If you haven’t tried concentrate vaporizers before, wax is a great start. With a purity of around 60 percent, wax is the cheapest and most available extract in the market. This concentrate has a yellowish-brown color, with a sticky texture that requires dabbing tools to handle.


Another low-potency choice for first-time users is budder. Similar to wax, this concentrate is quite soft and you need to use dabbing equipment to load your oven. Additionally, due to the high percentage of terpenes, budders offer a more pleasing taste and aroma compared to other materials.


Now if you’re done trying the low-potency options, and you’re looking for a stronger hit, shatter is the ideal option. With 80 percent purity, this extract is the strongest you’ll ever get. Unlike the previous concentrates, shatter has a stable, and solid texture that can be easily manipulated with hands.


During the process of creating concentrates, BHO (butane hash oil) transforms into a gorgeously powerful extract that is soft and simple to break. Similar to shatter, crumble is easy to handle and requires no dabbing accessories. 


Rosin is the newest and most well-liked extract available on the market. This concentrate is made by extracting dried marijuana flowers, trim, or less-pure water kief. It has a similar appearance to a golden shatter and can be used with a dab rig, or a vape pen.

How to Use a Concentrate Vaporizer?

Although vaping devices differ in their design and options, most work quite similarly. The following guide is to help you set up your device. However, if you still have problems operating your vaporizer, read the instructions carefully, and use it accordingly.

First, you need to charge your device using a USB charger. Once it is fully charged, attach your concentrate vaporizer to its battery and ensure that it’s tightly fastened. For desktop models with balloon bags, you need to attach the whip as well.

Now you have to set the vape to your desired temperature. The ideal temp for vaping concentrates is somewhere between 315 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. The exact degree depends on your preference. That said, the middle point delivers great flavor and consistency.

Using a dabber, load your oven with your desired concentrate, and make sure that it’s evenly heated. Now put the mouthpiece back on, press the button, and start inhaling. When the session is done, simply press the button on your vape, relax, and enjoy the amazing experience.

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Is Vaping Concentrate Safe?

As a relatively new phenomenon, there are not many studies regarding the long-term effects of vaping. That said, medical experts agree that vaping is one of the least harmful methods to consume cannabis.

Studies show that vaping contains fewer toxins, meaning it is a much safer option compared to smoking. However, that is not to say it is completely risk-free. Vaping more than average can lead to multiple lung conditions including asthma, and lung scarring.

Additionally, vaping concentrate can lead to multiple side effects caused by cannabis flowers such as:

  • Hallucination 
  • Panic attack
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Paranoia 
  • Fatigue 
  • Memory loss
  • Dizziness 

Note that the chemical compounds in concentrates can lead to negative reactions with pharmaceutical drugs. Thus, if you’re using any medication, make sure to consult your health provider in advance.

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A Few Last Words 

Looking for a unique experience that you can always recall? Concentrate vaporizers offer a potent high for everyone who wishes to take their vaping session to the next level.

There are various concentrate vaporizers and extract available in the market. So make sure to do thorough research and find what best suits your requirements. 

Note that concentrates are quite strong, and even if the amount seems insignificant, they deliver strong effects. Thus use with caution, and never rush to high does before building up your tolerance. 

In case of negative reactions, try to remain calm, drink water, and call a friend for help. Remember that the effects are temporary, and vanish as soon as the high does.

Concentrate Vaporizers FAQ

What wattage should I vape concentrate at?

Depending on the model of your device, vaporizers have different volts and watts. However, when vaping, it’s the volts you want to consider not wats. Due to the thick texture of wax, this extract requires more heat to produce vapor. Thus, 4.0V-4.3V would be desirable. Other concentrates such as shutter and rosin would need less than that. For shutter, and crumble, set the voltage anywhere around 2.5V – 3.3V, and enjoy a great cloud of vapor. As for temperature, we recommend starting at 315° F and not exceeding 400° F.

What is the best way to concentrate?

There are two common ways to consume concentrates, dab rigs, and vapes. In the former, you need a glass dab rig, a dabber tool, a banger, and a blow torch. Using the torch, you have to heat the banger directly. Then you put the concentrate on the surface, and inhale the vapor. However, for more convenient usage, you can use a dab pen, put your concentrate in the oven of the vaporizer, and inhale through the mouthpiece.

What is the best voltage to vape distillate?

The optimal voltage for vaping concentrate depends mostly on your preference. However, in general, 2.5V – 3.3V is a great voltage setting for most THC carts. 3.0 V should offer a consistent experience with great taste and potency. The medium level of heat allows for extracting all the active compounds without the danger of combustion.

What is the easiest way to smoke concentrates?

Using concentrate vaporizers is probably the easiest way to consume cannabis extract. Advanced versions allow you to have great control over your temperature, offering a great vaping experience. Additionally, the small size of portable vaporizers allows you to enjoy your vaping sessions on the go and with discretion.

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